Friday, August 24, 2012


 (Note, I had a Spanish teacher in college who would regularly make us write paragraphs about "Disneylandia,", I guess to make us use random verbs and adjectives?  But it makes me always call Disneyland "Disneylandia "now.)

We decided to do a couple days at Disney before school started back up for Greg.  It has been "closed" for the summer, since we have the cheap passes this year, but our kids have been eagerly awaiting the time when we could return!  We stayed at a hotel up there (It was a good price, but a mile away from Disney, so we either hiked or still had to drive, which was fine, but when it said "maingate" I guess I shouldn't have taken it at its word.)  We had a BLAST.  We visited a TON of rides, met up with some good friends who had coincidentally set their vacation for the same time, and generally enjoyed each other.  I texted my mom "I love my family on this vacation.  Vacations can really go either way."  And she laughed and laughed, but I think mostly because it is accurate.  And by that description, I think it was a success.  =)

 The kids wanted to visit "Brave" which was sort of a long line, and in the sun, but when I saw they had an archery station afterward, I was totally sold.  How fun is that?!

 Amy, Logan, and Ari came up for a day trip on Monday, so we spent Monday afternoon and evening with them.  Charlie and Logan were BFF.  I know I am not the only mother who loves seeing her kids having little friends.  It is just so....quaint.  Or something.  Every little interaction cracks me up/warms my heart.  Logan is a little younger than Charlie, and he was a little bit more nervous on some of the rides (also, his mama was staying off a lot of the rides with baby Ari, so he was out of his parental element.)  Charlie would pat his back and say "It's okay, we are almost done" when Logan started to get panicked.  I am glad to see that he is (pretty much) a sweet boy.

 Carter (and the Bradley's) went for the same two days as us, so we saw them several times over the two days.

 We actually got to ride the rides in the new CarsLand a couple times.  We had the early admission to Disneyland on Monday, and California Adventure on Tuesday (where you get to go in an hour before the park opens).  Because of the aforementioned hike we had to take to get to Disney, we got there a few minutes in on both days (like at 7:15 instead of 7.  Which for my non-morning person self and son, is still fairly impressive).  So, by the time we got over to CarsLand, there was already an hour wait.  Greg and Charlie hopped in line, and Felicity and I went over to the two rides she is tall enough for, Mater and Luigi, and rode those with hardly any wait (since everyone with early admission was over at the Radiator Springs ride) and then we got switch passes.  We did the same with Toy Story (which we NEVER ride because there is no way I am waiting in a 60+ minute line to basically play a video game), twice.  By the time Greg and Charlie got off Radiator Springs, Felicity and I had racked up our number of switch passes to six!  (Including for the ride that Charlie and Greg went on.)  So then Greg and the kids got to walk on all the rides later in the day.  It was really fun, and definitely the way to do it.  And then Charlie got to ride the Radiator Springs a second time, this time with me, using the switch pass, and I can confirm that it really is a pretty awesome ride.

Luigi's Flying Tires is basically a convergence of air hockey and bumper cars.  You lean to steer the car in whatever direction you choose.  It was fun, but I was wearing a skirt.  Before I walked out there with Felicity, I didn't realize there was air blowing straight up.  Very Marilyn.  (Don't worry, no one saw anything.)

Okay, so I am still worried that I have ruined my children by reinforcing gender roles, but I took the pictures, so I might as well share them instead of hiding in my shame.  We decided to splurge for one of the meals and do the "character dining."  Apparently the only options that aren't breakfast are Ariel's Grotto and Goofy's Kitchen, the latter of the two being at the Disneyland Hotel and not in the park.  Since I had Greg organize it for me, he made the executive decision that we didn't want to leave the park for the meal, so we did Ariel.  My kids got to meet all the princesses.  But (my feminist friends are dying right now) it was actually really fun, and BOTH my kids liked meeting the princesses.  It was probably better even than the regular characters that are at Goofy's Kitchen, because Felicity likes the characters but she really dislikes when they walk up to her (she much prefers to do the movement around them.)  So, we had a good time, and the food was fabulous!  Can we still be friends?

 Charlie wasn't feeling well, and Ariel doesn't come to your table, you have to stand in line to see her, and you only get to do it once.  So, Charlie didn't get to be in the picture with Ariel, and he is still complaining about it.
He perked up when Belle came around.

 This Snow White was killing us.  She was speaking in the Snow White voice from the movies, all tinny and weak.  Greg and I were dying of laughter, but I guess she is a little bit method.
 Cinderella actually had some personality and talked to the kids for a few minutes instead of just taking the picture.  I think my husband had a crush on her.  They send the princesses out while you are waiting for your food to come (genius.  All restaurants should take note.) but by the time Cinderella got to our table, the food had come, and Felicity was over the princesses and into the food.
 Charlie was OBSESSED with his crown, and is still wearing it all day.  (Felicity ripped hers while we were still eating lunch.  So maybe I didn't ruin my children with gender stereotypes?)

Later, we got to see Woody.  Not sure about the pose... I think he watched too much Olympics this month.
Basically, it was a super excellent vacation, and the perfect way to end the summer before we send Greg back to school for his FINAL YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL.


Kiersten said...

I'm really glad that I read this post after Caleb was in bed, or he maybe would be applying to be a kid in your family instead of ours :)

The Bradley's said...

Glad you like your kids this trip and also glad we got to be a tiny part of it!