Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Beach House, Part 1

 My grandma gets a beach house through the military base (my grandpa was in the Navy for 20+ years) every summer, and we all load up and stay for a few days.
As luck would have it, I end up having to work at least one of the days EVERY YEAR, so the Ashcrafts always have a tiny bit less time than everyone else, but usually my kids get to go there while I am at work.  
I never bring my camera to these things because both my cousin and my sister in law are semi professional, so I just mooch once they post theirs on their blogs.  Here is part 1, with pictures from my cousin.  Once Tristen posts hers, expect more.  =)

These little people are quite close in age (6 weeks apart or so), and they get along really well.  I guess I never think about it because it is family, not a play date, but I just realized as I was tying that we pretty much never have to break fights up.
(PS, check out how much they've grown since here.)
 The whole crew of the under 18.  Cousins and cousins once removed.
 Felicity fancies herself Tristen's BFF.  She even let her do her hair.  Twice.
Tristen did all the girls' hair, matching.  I need to learn to do a french braid, since I spent much of my youth looking for someone at school to do it for me (my mom doesn't know how), and how cute is it on this little person?

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