Saturday, July 14, 2012

Remember a few weeks ago when I was so proud of my little girl for "choo chooing" around the pool?  I mentioned that Charlie hates swimming.

Well, he changed his mind!

About a week after I wrote that, he started swimming!  He had 3 swim lessons in a row, and we had been going to the pool practically every day, and he just dove in and went for it!

Felicity doesn't have much form, but she also doesn't have any fear.

(By the way, you might remember that I also mentioned that I can't swim.  My friend, who is teaching Charlie, TRICKED me into taking a lesson myself, and it actually really cleared some things up for me!  I have been practicing, and I am not Michael Phelps, but I am way better than I was.  There will be absolutely no video of it.)

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The Bradley's said...

I'm so proud of your little swimmers!