Monday, July 16, 2012

 As promised, pictures of our last Disney hurrah before the passes blacked out for the summer.


 I first saw these pictures at work.  And I laughed hysterically for like five minutes, and then I laughed more every time I think of them.  She just keeps stretching her face further and further.

 Always plenty of love going around when there are cousins.
Can't wait for our passes to come available again.  Charlie keeps asking "is Disneyland still closed?" and we keep saying "yep...."  =)


Kiersten said...

Oh my, she is so funny. I love that in the last stretchy-face picture she is looking at the other girl as if to say, "dude, you are SO weird."

jessica said...

I think stretching the face is great fun as long as it always bounces back:)