Monday, July 16, 2012

 As promised, pictures of our last Disney hurrah before the passes blacked out for the summer.


 I first saw these pictures at work.  And I laughed hysterically for like five minutes, and then I laughed more every time I think of them.  She just keeps stretching her face further and further.

 Always plenty of love going around when there are cousins.
Can't wait for our passes to come available again.  Charlie keeps asking "is Disneyland still closed?" and we keep saying "yep...."  =)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Uh Oh.

 Review on the play.
Remember a few weeks ago when I was so proud of my little girl for "choo chooing" around the pool?  I mentioned that Charlie hates swimming.

Well, he changed his mind!

About a week after I wrote that, he started swimming!  He had 3 swim lessons in a row, and we had been going to the pool practically every day, and he just dove in and went for it!

Felicity doesn't have much form, but she also doesn't have any fear.

(By the way, you might remember that I also mentioned that I can't swim.  My friend, who is teaching Charlie, TRICKED me into taking a lesson myself, and it actually really cleared some things up for me!  I have been practicing, and I am not Michael Phelps, but I am way better than I was.  There will be absolutely no video of it.)

Friday, July 13, 2012

There's nothing like cousins.


(Do I have to disclaim that they only took this picture because I gave them all one bite of cotton candy and threatened to cut them off if they didn't smile for Aunt Tristen?)

(PS.  Felicity.  Queen of the solitary shoe.)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Strawberry Picking

There's this place in Carlsbad where you pay $5 and they hand you a bucket and set you lose on the fields.  A couple days after Greg came back, we went with some friends from church.  You get to fill the bucket, and eat as much as you want (or you dare... there was a lot of mud, and bugs, and moldy fruit.. the stuff that doesn't come in the store.  But the strawberries were more delicious than you can get in the store, so it's definitely a win.)

 The website said to wear what you wouldn't mind getting dirty, so I slapped boots on my kids, and it was genius because it was pretty muddy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Del Mar Fair

I took a week off of work in June a couple months ago because we were thinking that maybe the kids and I would go visit Greg in Mississippi.  Luckily enough for us, he came home to us instead, so I didn't have to head out there for my vacation.... but then HE got a job (YAY!), so I had some time off by myself.  Luckily enough, Aunt Stacy volunteered to join us at the Del Mar Fair.

Okay, number one fair food?  Tater Twisters.  The stand is over near the ramp that takes you to the kid's area in the middle of the track.  Order the kind with lemon pepper.  I know, the fair is closed.  But trust me.  Keep this information until next year.  I dream of these things for 364 days until I get back to the fair to enjoy them.  It's important.
Aunt Stacy doubles as a pack animal.
We lucked out and went to the fair on the day they had monster trucks.  It was so loud and disturbing, but also awesome.  They didn't have the trucks crushing anything, they had them doing jumps off this hill.  The truck below cleared 12 ft 7 inches with plenty of room to spare... it was pretty amazing.
In this picture I was trying to get both Charlie and the monster truck, but you can only see a little bit of the truck behind him.
But then the guy's wheel fell off.  For real.  Front wheel on the right side.  They had to get a crane to get it out of there.  I wonder how much higher the guy could have jumped if the wheels stayed intact.  There were several times the guy was on just the back wheels for a couple minutes.  Seriously, the noise and the danger was almost too much stress for me.
At the pig races, Charlie got picked to be the cheerleader for one of the pigs, and then after we got to take a picture with one of their little piggies.  It was the sweetest little creature ever!  It's name was Oreo, and they took a picture and gave us the Polaroid, which is now on the fridge.  Charlie keeps asking to get oreo and I keep saying that we don't have any, and he is talking about looking at the picture of him and the pig.  Haha.

The girl working this car ride was so nice and let Felicity ride by herself.  I was terribly annoyed that I was going to have to pay 3 tickets to join her, but she let the 1/2 cm pass and just let her on alone.  I think it helped that my two kids were the only two even coming near her ride (it was sort of off in the corner).
 Then my kids rode a little canoe in the dirtiest water of all time.  The canoe was not self propelled and the water pressure in the track was pretty poor, so it was a pretty relaxing float.  A couple of times I had to push the boat along.

Oh, and on Greg's job: he got hired as a filing clerk at a firm in Hillcrest that does mainly worker's comp and immigration, and then miscellaneous other things, mostly for their worker's comp and immigration clients.  The filing clerk position is basically the lowest level they have, but it is an excellent job for a couple reasons: 1) any job is great, 2) they have him working basically as a paralegal and they insinuated that if he does well in that position, they would officially promote him, and 3) it is full time right now, and then gets flexible according to his school schedule when school starts again.

PS, Greg will be taking the bar a year from now.  We are one year from freedom from law school!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More attempts at taking nice photos.  I like the one of Charlie, a lot.

4th of July

 For the 4th we enjoyed a pancake breakfast at church, and then headed out to a small party which included trampolining, hot dogs, and a water slide.  We rounded it out with some fireworking.