Monday, April 30, 2012


 I made some cookies today.  I stepped away for thirty seconds and came back and Felicity had decimated the beater.  And there was kinda a lot of cookie dough on here.  She was pleased with herself.
 In other news, I went to a little photography class taught by a friend of mine, and she talked about the rule of thirds.  This rule tells us that the focal point of the picture shouldn't be smack in the middle, it should be in one of the thirds of the shot.  See here and here to see the rule of thirds in action (pictures from her blog).

Sounds pretty simple.  But I have been trying it, and it isn't really as easy as it sounds.

Also, not included in the rule of thirds, but probably just filed under common sense somewhere is that the backdrop to your photos shouldn't be the dishwasher or the dirty cabinets.  Felicity really, really, really wanted her picture taken right there.  I can't say why.  And then I was set up right there, so I brought Charlie over.... anyway, next pictures I will look for a better background, and I will keep practicing.

Hey, Sara, how are they?


SpencernAmy said...

Girl after my own cookie dough! I'm still trying to get used to the rule of the thirds, too. Not something I would've ever figured out on my own. Thanks again for the cookies. Totally awesome!

Stacy said...

desperate times/measures................

sara said...

aaaah so cute! i love the b&w with c's little tongue out.