Monday, March 19, 2012


Charlie is now playing soccer. Especially fun because there are six kids from church all on the team. Greg was coaching this first game (he won't be in the future) so I was all over Felicity and couldn't take any good pictures, but I got a couple.
He ran the whole time, and since the boy is not much of a hustler, I was really proud of him. Since only 4 kids could make it to the first game, they had to be in the whole time, so he didn't get to take a break, which is probably his favorite thing to do. He did get to go on goal for his little break, but he takes goalie very seriously. Next time you see him, ask for his goalie stance. It is awesome, and also effective!
The little brother of Felicity's BFF is on the team, so she gets some quality Evie time, which is her favorite. And mine too because I equal parts adore Evelyn and like when Felicity has a friend to keep her occupied.

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