Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Law School Prom

So, technically, it is called the Barrister's Ball, but it is basically the exact same thing as High School Prom, except with an open bar. And we loved High School Prom, so you know we love Law School Prom.

So at my senior prom, we were getting together the group shot, and there were a LOT of couples with us. Probably about 14 people all together. So Greg has the idea that we should pose in a funny shot, such as all of us on a canoe. So, he told the photographer, and they said, oh yeah, great. So they started lining us up. Once it was done, we saw that we were just standing like normal people. There was no canoe. So we started to protest. She took the shot, and sent us on our way. It is basically the worst picture of all time. I mean, our mouths are all open and we are talking to each other. My sister actually submitted it to one of those photo sites where people make fun of your picture. Anyway, that was... 9? years ago now. And Greg is still jonesing for his lost opportunity to do a canoe picture at prom. But Aaron was happy to accommodate.


tawnya said...

I'm feeling really let down there was no Optometry Prom. Man!

And I'm not certain there WASN'T some type of 'bar' at my senior prom!

Amanda said...

You look adorable. Also, I'm quite proud I once talked 9 of Truman's b-school peeps into making a human pyramid at prom.