Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good.

First time together since:
Yep, that's Wesley. And, yep, Felicity is in utero here. (My mom is holding baby Penny.)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I had a Living Social voucher for photography that was about to expire, so I decided to try to get some good ones of the kids together.

Monday, March 26, 2012


I guess it is time to start coming to terms with some of the changes that are coming up here in the next couple of months, and what better way than to write it out in blog form?

So, my husband is going to Mississippi for the summer. He is going to be a summer sales person.

I know.

Details: Greg's BFF at school is one of the top sales people for one of these security systems companies for the last several years. He has talked up the life of working like a dog for four months or so, and then living off of it for the rest of the year. It is NOT my style. I am just not good enough with money... or something. I don't know. But I have always been very sure of the fact that I would never be the wife of a summer sales person. I am sure it is my own problem, so I don't mean any disrespect to my friends who are the wives of summer sales people. I just have always been the 9-5, 50 weeks a year kinda girl. However, the idea of a high paying summer job looks good to students. Really good. So, Greg started talking to Aaron about it. And, the two of them determined that they could do really well, and are headed out around May 1st.

Other than swearing I would never be married to a summer sales guy, I also have said (a lot) that I would never live apart from my husband for any (optional) reason. Guess who isn't going to Mississippi? Oh, how I love to eat my words.

I am not going to Mississippi for several reasons:
1) I have a job.
2) We would have to pay rent out there and back here, because they don't pay for the families to live, but they DO pay for just a single guy (he will have roommates, I think).
3) He will be working constantly, and won't be super available anyway.
4) We have a dog, and I am not sure that could work out.
5) I don't think I dig a southern summer with two active children. Mosquitoes and humidity make me cry.
6) Family and friends and routines are all out here.

There are more reasons, but those are some basics.

In summation, Greg: doing summer sales in Mississippi; Rachel and children: living the single mom life in California.

I am super nervous about this. I don't want to miss my husband all summer, but having a little cash to get us through the last year of school would be legit.

And I know it is sort of obnoxious, but among other things, I am scared that people are going to judge me. Please still be my friend.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adventures in Parenting

So, something happened to our girl's arm. I have to say I am not 100% sure what it was. She did fall down, but not very far. But we do have hard tile... anyway, I am not sure exactly what happened. But then she started sort of carrying her arm around like a broken wing. She didn't use it as a weapon against me when I washed her hair. Suspicious. She cried for quite a while, so I called nurse advice, and they recommended that I bring her in (Urgent Care was still open for about 45 more minutes, so we had to hurry down there). They thought it was the elbow pulled out of place, but that almost always is fixed by this little bending maneuver. They did that four times, and it wouldn't pop back into place. They actually said the words "your daughter has a lot" They aren't sure if they couldn't get it back into place because of all her "skin" or if it wasn't actually a dislocated elbow, but I am waiting to hear back. I'll keep you all posted.
In the meantime, I am sad for her suffering, but that little sling is making me happy.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spencer's home!!

We waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and the end finally came. Our darling Spencer came back to us. But not until after a little bit more waiting, at the airport.

I know she is my own girl, but I cannot get enough of this face. So serious. So precious.

Charlie has been talking about Spencer coming home for weeks. He keeps saying "is he ours Mom? Is he going to come sleep in my room and be my little brother?" He was so excited to see his "little brother."

Felicity, as you can see from the picture above, and as you know, if you know her at all, was reluctant. She doesn't like strangers, or big crowds, or volume, or emotion, all of which was abundant at the airport. But it took her about four minutes after leaving the airport and getting in the shuttle back to the parking garage to decide she had a new best friend.

Uncle. He was gone almost exactly Felicity's whole life (she was born 6 weeks after he left), so that gives you an idea of how long it was. Penny was only about 6 months when he left.

We're so happy to have our Spencer home. We are so proud of what he has done, and of what he will continue to do. And we love that his English sort of sucks.

Flissy Face

These were taken as we waited for our Spencer to get off the plane from Mexico. Felicity got bored with playing, so she decided to do some work. Because that's how she rolls.

Her stance in that first picture is just killing me. I love this baby girl. Even though she thinks she is 23.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Law School Prom

So, technically, it is called the Barrister's Ball, but it is basically the exact same thing as High School Prom, except with an open bar. And we loved High School Prom, so you know we love Law School Prom.

So at my senior prom, we were getting together the group shot, and there were a LOT of couples with us. Probably about 14 people all together. So Greg has the idea that we should pose in a funny shot, such as all of us on a canoe. So, he told the photographer, and they said, oh yeah, great. So they started lining us up. Once it was done, we saw that we were just standing like normal people. There was no canoe. So we started to protest. She took the shot, and sent us on our way. It is basically the worst picture of all time. I mean, our mouths are all open and we are talking to each other. My sister actually submitted it to one of those photo sites where people make fun of your picture. Anyway, that was... 9? years ago now. And Greg is still jonesing for his lost opportunity to do a canoe picture at prom. But Aaron was happy to accommodate.

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Felicity was pretty festive.

She was interested in the effects of rain on her head.

Charlie wore a green shirt. Greg ignored the festivities. I pulled out these shoes. I have had them for years and I never wear them, but they aren't much to stow, so I just leave them in my closet and pull them out March 17th.


Charlie is now playing soccer. Especially fun because there are six kids from church all on the team. Greg was coaching this first game (he won't be in the future) so I was all over Felicity and couldn't take any good pictures, but I got a couple.
He ran the whole time, and since the boy is not much of a hustler, I was really proud of him. Since only 4 kids could make it to the first game, they had to be in the whole time, so he didn't get to take a break, which is probably his favorite thing to do. He did get to go on goal for his little break, but he takes goalie very seriously. Next time you see him, ask for his goalie stance. It is awesome, and also effective!
The little brother of Felicity's BFF is on the team, so she gets some quality Evie time, which is her favorite. And mine too because I equal parts adore Evelyn and like when Felicity has a friend to keep her occupied.