Sunday, February 19, 2012


I decided it would be fun to put holes in my baby's ears.There were about 20 minutes of pretty serious remorse, but I am over it now (so is she). And it looks cute. And she hasn't even touched them once since she got it done.

Also, the little dude has double pneumonia. For anyone keeping track, that would be episode number four (and five, if you count the other lung). I asked the doctor why this keeps happening to him. There might have been some tears on my part. He assured me that it wasn't my fault, and that it was just basically bad luck. At the visit he got an albuterol breathing treatment which Charlie loathed and Felicity was extremely jealous of, but that didn't do much to "open the lung", so it was confirmed to be an infection and not a chronic disorder such as asthma. When I told them that I thought three bouts of pneumonia in three months seemed unreasonable last year, they assured me that it was just the same one not clearing fully (even though the x-rays and tests in between them showed a fully clear lung, but whatever) but this time they are unable to chalk it up to the first bacteria, so they want to clear it up and then do some tests to check the lungs for abnormalities. They did tell me that the location he keeps getting the infection is very unlikely to house any kind of dangerous abnormality, so we are not worried (almost) at all.
He is still coughing with disturbing ferocity, but he is otherwise seeming okay. He hardly ever says he feels sick, but for whatever reason every time I ask him if how he feels lately he starts coughing and says "not good." It's actually sort of funny. The good news is that he should be back to 100% by his birthday on Thursday!


regor said...

Not that it matters, but with my old job, I could count on getting pneumonia at least twice a year. I blamed it on the stress on having a job that I disliked (Thank you management). But now, with the job change, no pneumonia since. Yes, it might have been due to stress, but as I look back, I think it was due to being inside a lot and breathing everyone else’s sickness. I also pondered over why my siblings and I never got it while growing up and maybe it was due to my dad’s belief in ventilation of the house. We might have worn lots of clothing and had lots of blankets on our beds, but we were rarely sick.

Just my two cents

Kiersten said...

I'm so sorry. Poor Charlie. I don't blame you for the tears. So, I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but my little brother had a couple of years in high school where he would get pneumonia several times a year, and then it just stopped. It has been two or three years and he hasn't had it again. Hopefully that will happen with Charlie, too! The earrings are cute, by the way.

Kristin said...

Re: Felicity - I wish I had gotten Hayley's ears peirced when she was a baby. I waited until she was I think 5, when she asked. I was afraid to do it when she was a baby because I didn't want her to be in pain, even though it's only for a minute and they obviosuly forget about it. I was a wimp. And Hayley ended up having to get hers peirced like 4 times because they kept getting infected. And she kept getting mistaken for a boy and refused to wear headbands so the earrings would have been nice. Haha

Re: Charlie - That has got to be frustrating. I'm glad they are doing further testing because getting it that many times in a short amount of time is not normal or okay. When Hayley was 5 she kept getting tonsilitis and strep throat. She got it 5 times in 4 months. Once she cleared up, she got it again. And I had to ask for throat cultures each time and I was the one to finally ask to go to a specialist and she ended up having her tonsills taken out. I hate how doctors act like us mothers dont know anything when it comes to our own children. We know them best and they arent just a number to us like they are to the doctors. Hope he gets the treatment he needs and a doctor that knows the right thing to do!