Sunday, January 29, 2012

The other day at the grocery store the woman behind me in line had two medium-sized kids, and one of them (maybe nine or so) said "you are the BEST MOM EVER." I have little doubt as to whether she was buying them something super special at the store, but I still wanted to ask her the secret, just for fun. =) Anyway, easiest way I've ever been mom of the moment: the other day I made ABC cookies and frosting and then colored the frosting in all the colors. My kids thought I was pretty fly.

Friday, January 27, 2012

I have discussed before that I always used to think the people who say "I just couldn't help myself" when referring to little girls' clothes were sort of weird, but that after having a daughter I totally get where they are coming from. Felicity goes up a size in clothing so often, it usually isn't really a problem, because I am semi-constantly having to buy her new clothes because the old ones don't button (or they require two people and the jaws of life to remove from her darling little rubenesque body) (a friend once called her rubenesque and it was the best adjective I have ever heard used to describe a little person, especially my little person). Anyway, I had another attack. I saw this dress at Target and I had. to. have. it. They didn't have it in her size, and I loved it so much I ordered it. Call me crazy (if you want) but I think it was a good choice.

When is "handedness" official?

Because I am pretty sure my girl is left handed. Interesting. (Maybe only to me.)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rocking out.

(to P!nk. Greg is in horror.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Felicity is really good at talking. The doctors ask around age 3 if they talk so that strangers can understand them (because mothers can understand their child much sooner, and so the mark of being a little developmentally behind is whether someone else can figure it out) and I can't say that she passes that test, but she says way more words and sentences than Charlie did at this age.

Things Felicity Says:
Pippa, get down!
Want some cheeeese!
Need my bro bro!
I need you!
Help! Help! Help!
I want that!
I get apples!
Want Chickfila!
No, thank you!
Thank you!
Minnie go pee pee!

(The last one is when she desires a diaper change, because the Huggies were on sale at costco recently so we bought those diapers and they have Mickey on them.)

Please note that all of these have exclamation points. This was not an accident. (Maybe she gets it from Elder Hathcock.)

I find her to be terribly darling.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Morning

A bike.

Too much awesomeness to choose from: candy cane, doll house, pacifier.

Before church... right as Felicity's fever set in and she became uncooperative for photos.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My little guy has been practicing writing his name. I write it for him and then he copies. He is pretty proud. So am I.