Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Welcome back to me!

I'm back! Finals are over! My six week panic attack is over! I know, totally unreasonable for the spouse of the person in finals to be panicking. But, hey, it's just how I roll.

So, to my lovely blog readers, I give you cookie baking, or, what a person can do when she is not completely overtaken by (ridiculous and probably undeserved) stress.This girl digs cookies.And, of course, eating.Charlie seems physically incapable of having his clothes on for any length of time. I fight it when I need to, and ignore it when I don't.I was moderately proud of some of them. I mean, this one is cute enough to eat, right?Note: Greg is now officially halfway done with law school! We are proud of him, and of how hard he works, even though it is also hard on us sometimes. Way to be!!

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Stacy said...

lissy's hair. have you ever.