Monday, November 28, 2011

Felicity and I have been sick for a few days. So that means THIS. And this and this. Okay, okay, and this. And maybe a little bit of this.

Also, since movie watching for me always includes looking up the trivia, here's one for you: the actress who plays Jane in the BBC Pride and Prejudice was pregnant throughout filming. Oh, to have lived in a time where the clothing was flattering even if you were pregnant.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Matchy matchy!

(No, it was not by accident.)

Also, one of my side of the family.


We only get to see Grandpa L every so often.
Love that saucy little look which says "please take the photo so I can put these two down." Charlie and his sweet cousin Penny.

Most of you who know Felicity well know that she doesn't often take well to people on the first try. For the first fourteen months of her life, she would barely even go to her father. She has mellowed out since then, but I didn't have high hopes with getting some pictures with her great grandpa, whom she has never met.I was wrong.

It's a love connection.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Look at this little slice of sweetness. Where has the time gone?!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


It took me like thirty minutes to do pigtails in this writhing monkey's hair. And then there was zip cooperation when I tried to document it.

First pigtails. A milestone only a bald white baby would celebrate.
(Note, these were last Sunday, which was also baby girl's first official nursery day. Was successful.)

I love these people. Make me laugh every day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feeling like a bad mom?

Today I went to the grocery store with a rather extensive list.

The kids were being normal, considering. Definitely some whining, but we were getting through. We only smashed one container of food on the ground (marinated mozzarella balls. They were really nice about it, and they didn't even make me pay for it.) Toward the end, Charlie started up the potty dance. I told him we would go as soon as we checked out.

Halfway through the checkout, he was gone. I knew he went to the bathroom, and I KNEW he was in the "triangle" bathroom, because "the circle one is for GIRLS!"

They suspended my checkout. I stood outside the men's room for ten minutes, yelling in instructions. It took him five minutes to figure out how to turn on the water. I kept asking the men who were going in and out to please help my son. No one did.

I finally went in, dragged him out, put him in the ladies, and washed his hands (with my other baby and half our groceries in the cart, unattended.) Then I listened to his screams while I finished checking out about how he wanted the kid's paper towel (don't ask me what that means.)

Finally got out to the car. Buckling the other baby in her car seat when I hear various screams. Look up. My eldest is in the cart, pouting, rolling down the parking lot (toward a hill which goes down to the main street.)

You are not a bad mom. Whatever you did.

(PS, some man hopped out of a car and saved him right as I got to him. I can be kinda fast when one of my kids is about to die. The man had two kids with him and a mini van, which indicates there might be more than two, I would have thought he would have been nicer to me. I thought the whole parking lot was going to string me up. I fully expect someone wrote down my license plate number though, so I am sure I will be getting a call any day.)

(PS2, I am laughing too.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Those who didn't have a half birthday recently...

Dig them too.

(And Greg. Not pictured.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven eleven

Sister bear is eighteen months!
Things about our girl:
~She has many nicknames around here. Fliss, Flissy, Lissy, and Sister are some favorites. But we just basically call her any number of sounds strung together and spoken in a sing-songy voice.
~She is very verbal. This includes her many words, her favorite being "MINE!" followed closely by "BITE!" Sometimes she puts them together in a demand for "MINE BITE MINE BITE" that is less than melodious. She also says mama, dada, pibaba (Pippa), bobbies (pacifier), that, cheese, please, waffle, thank you, trick or treat, grandma, Stacy, Minnie, uh oh, UP!, and a few others. She copies every single thing that Charlie says (or does) so sometimes it is hard to tell when she is copying and when she is communicating. Anyway, her verbal skills are not limited to speaking.... she also has a scream that could probably shatter crystal (if we had any crystal).
~She loves herself a snooze. At nap time we go in her room and I try and snuggle her for a minute but she points to the crib. She hops in and goes right to sleep. She usually wakes up happy, and is a morning person. (Charlie and I definitely don't have or understand that trait.)
~Her favorite people are primarily the men in her family: Charlie, daddy, and Grandpa Phil. Sometimes I remember fondly when I had to hold her 18 hours a day and wouldn't go to anyone else.
~She eats basically everything we put in front of her, unless she is offended by the person who is giving it to her, in which case she flings it across the room. (Pippa is fond of this habit.) She also doesn't require that her snack be an actual food item. She'll try anything that looks interesting. (Mommy is NOT fond of this habit. Or the food flinging one, come to think of it.)
~Nothing cracks her up more than my stern voice telling her no no. This makes discipline difficult. Both because she doesn't take me seriously and because her laughing at me makes me laugh.
~She likes to give prayers.
~She has the most darling red mullet. I am expecting (hoping for) the hair on the top of her head to start growing any time.
~She sings "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam." Actually, someone else sings "Jesus wants me for a suuuuun" and she shouts "BEEEEEEEEM!

She is pretty boss. I like her.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There are two types of arguments in the world: the kind you fight, and the kind you don't.

Whose turn it is to play with the stroller? The kind I don't.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


(Photo by Sara. If you look closely, you can even find me in the picture...)

Sea World!

My brother and sister and law went on a little vacation and left their kids with my parents, so we took all the kids to Sea World. We had them wear their Halloween costumes as well, which was fun.

Four adults, four strollers. (PS, what is with the weirdness of Greg's phone taking pictures? They were all overexposed, or they had cloudy spirits in the background. Maybe the spirits were because it was Halloween time... but I am pretty sure it was the phone.)
Checking out shamu.
Corban of course drank the first puddle he could find... Ha!
Best aunt/mom ever? Me. I bought everyone cotton candy.
Yum. Thanks, Syd, for helping my mom, Greg, and me with the little monsters!