Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disneyland at Halloween

So, I find my little daughter terribly cute.
In case you aren't convinced, look at this hilarious little face.(cell phone photo, poor quality)

Charlie (also darling, for the record) saw me take a picture of Felicity here, so he wanted to be in one as well.
I told Sadie and Ty to join him, and Sadie sat down and did not like the pokey straw at all. So she decided to take another tack. I thought it was funny to see a little four year old trying to sit on a little three year old. Using her feminine wiles to secure a comfy seat. (I think it loses something in the retelling, but just believe me, it was funny.)


Melanie said...

Love the new header with all the pics! I think Felicity's expression is great!

Kristin said...

your kids have such great personalities!