Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just because my camera is still in an unknown location doesn't mean I can't blog.


Anyway, some thoughts:

1) Where could my camera be? I mean, really? I need to unpack those two boxes of miscellaneous, but I get the feeling they will cause me a headache, trying to figure out what to do with the miscellaneous items. Except I really want my camera back.

2) Some of the stuff I am doing with my house is awesome. I am sort of turning into a thrift/antique/craigslist junkie. I am not normally known for my patience with purchases. I would rather buy the item I want, even if it costs slightly more (slightly at least) then try and price stuff out. (Another reason I cannot be a couponer.) So, the whole "wait and wait for an item which might potentially work out for you after you pour some man hours into it" has never really been my scene. But now, a combo of a friend who is helping me spot the potential and a rather low amount of cash flow going towards fixing up my house has made me start shopping around, and I have found a couple of awesome things. Pictures of my projects to follow. (Depending on if I ever find my camera.)

3) I have awesome friends who lend and give me furniture, for some of the pieces I don't want to/not ready to buy yet. (And yes. I call things pieces now. First the design blogs, now calling things pieces.)

4) Felicity is getting so big. She says a bunch of words (hi, bye, mama, dada, Stacy, yes, no, that, thanks) and is basically the most precious almost-15-month-old that I know.

5) Greg goes back to school soon. Really soon. Good bye to the summer of partying, no schedules, no routines, and man on man defense. Hello to the fall of routines, schedules, zone defense, and no husband. Sigh. Although I guess we are ready to go back into the routines. Greg keeps telling people that he is really looking forward to going back to school though. Not sure if that is because that is something he is supposed to say, or because I haven't washed dishes in months, and he is looking forward to designating that particular household chore back to me.


Kiersten said...

This post made me laugh. Next thing you know, you will be shopping at "Anthro" and talking about how you are "so loving [certain trends] right now." I can't wait. Also, I don't see why you should have to start washing dishes just because Greg is starting school again :)

Lacey said...

Hahaha the last one about the dishes made me laugh. So why can't greg just come home from school and do the dishes?! haha. Fall semester is right around the corner and it makes me sad too. No more routines!!!

I know you'll do great though. You really are supermom!!

Amanda said...

Find your camera! I want to see your thrift store finds. Also, what exactly does "partying" mean for a Mormon family with two children under 5? :)

Good luck with school beginning again. The second year is not as bad as the first and you both have the strength to do it!

SpencernAmy said...

Rachel you are awesome and I miss you! How can that be? We are in the same ward but I never see you! You guys need to come swim or something. Seriously. Forget about the dishes and come play!

*HoLLy and AdAm TOwNeR* said...

Dishes are never ending! Maybe you and Greg can just trade off with the dishes.

Does Greg have one more year of law school?

Hang in there! At least you get to see your hubby everynight. I see mine two weeks out of the month.
I can't wait for Adam to go back to school!