Thursday, July 21, 2011

In better news...

All my friends offering me sympathy really did help. I am still sad. Maybe I am even still crying every now and again. But I am feeling better. And, it really could have been worse. It could have been cancer, or getting fired, or, heck, even pneumonia (actually, I am pretty good at pneumonia by now. But I am still glad no one has it at this moment.)
It could have had my purse in it, and then I would have had to redo all my credit cards and get a new driver's license. And that would have sucked.
So, I guess, I am in step 6 of the grieving process: reconstruction and working through. I haven't accepted it yet (I am still scouring craigslist in hopes of finding the evil person who took my beloved stroller), but I am getting there.

As part of my working through, I am changing the subject and getting the sadness off the top spot on my blog. New subject: my house. I still love it, deeply. My good friend is helping me decorate. She has style. I am not sure what my defining characteristic might be, but I am pretty certain it is not that I have style. However, being around my friends with style encouraged me, and Henrike invited me to purchase my first design magazine. And, I have now been known to scour the internet, looking at design blogs. It is shocking. Anyway, many of the things Henrike has helped me pick out, using her aforementioned impeccable style. But this idea I came up with myself! And she loved it! Maybe I have a little style. (Or I just looked at a design blog and liked what I saw. Whatever.)

A sneak peak:How excited am I?!


Tristen said...

Oh my gosh! I love silhouettes! I almost bought frames yesterday so I can do a silhouette project with my kids, but I decided I'm not ready yet! But I can't wait to see yours!

Kim W said...

I did a silhouette project for Father's Day last year and those little frames bring me so much joy every time I look at them. Especially since each kiddo signed their picture with their little kid hand writing.

Hey, once your friend teaches you all this style, will you be my friend with style and help me??? :)