Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just because my camera is still in an unknown location doesn't mean I can't blog.


Anyway, some thoughts:

1) Where could my camera be? I mean, really? I need to unpack those two boxes of miscellaneous, but I get the feeling they will cause me a headache, trying to figure out what to do with the miscellaneous items. Except I really want my camera back.

2) Some of the stuff I am doing with my house is awesome. I am sort of turning into a thrift/antique/craigslist junkie. I am not normally known for my patience with purchases. I would rather buy the item I want, even if it costs slightly more (slightly at least) then try and price stuff out. (Another reason I cannot be a couponer.) So, the whole "wait and wait for an item which might potentially work out for you after you pour some man hours into it" has never really been my scene. But now, a combo of a friend who is helping me spot the potential and a rather low amount of cash flow going towards fixing up my house has made me start shopping around, and I have found a couple of awesome things. Pictures of my projects to follow. (Depending on if I ever find my camera.)

3) I have awesome friends who lend and give me furniture, for some of the pieces I don't want to/not ready to buy yet. (And yes. I call things pieces now. First the design blogs, now calling things pieces.)

4) Felicity is getting so big. She says a bunch of words (hi, bye, mama, dada, Stacy, yes, no, that, thanks) and is basically the most precious almost-15-month-old that I know.

5) Greg goes back to school soon. Really soon. Good bye to the summer of partying, no schedules, no routines, and man on man defense. Hello to the fall of routines, schedules, zone defense, and no husband. Sigh. Although I guess we are ready to go back into the routines. Greg keeps telling people that he is really looking forward to going back to school though. Not sure if that is because that is something he is supposed to say, or because I haven't washed dishes in months, and he is looking forward to designating that particular household chore back to me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In better news...

All my friends offering me sympathy really did help. I am still sad. Maybe I am even still crying every now and again. But I am feeling better. And, it really could have been worse. It could have been cancer, or getting fired, or, heck, even pneumonia (actually, I am pretty good at pneumonia by now. But I am still glad no one has it at this moment.)
It could have had my purse in it, and then I would have had to redo all my credit cards and get a new driver's license. And that would have sucked.
So, I guess, I am in step 6 of the grieving process: reconstruction and working through. I haven't accepted it yet (I am still scouring craigslist in hopes of finding the evil person who took my beloved stroller), but I am getting there.

As part of my working through, I am changing the subject and getting the sadness off the top spot on my blog. New subject: my house. I still love it, deeply. My good friend is helping me decorate. She has style. I am not sure what my defining characteristic might be, but I am pretty certain it is not that I have style. However, being around my friends with style encouraged me, and Henrike invited me to purchase my first design magazine. And, I have now been known to scour the internet, looking at design blogs. It is shocking. Anyway, many of the things Henrike has helped me pick out, using her aforementioned impeccable style. But this idea I came up with myself! And she loved it! Maybe I have a little style. (Or I just looked at a design blog and liked what I saw. Whatever.)

A sneak peak:How excited am I?!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I don't know what it is...

...but I find myself cranky tonight.

Maybe it is that I have found myself missing this guy a little more intensely the last couple of days.
(For updates on his experiences while serving a full time, 2 year mission in Mexico City, check out his letters here.)

Maybe it is that I have gone through the last several years of pictures in the last few days (my mom has been asking for a CD of pictures for her birthday for about three years, so I decided to finally make it happen) and the nostalgia of seeing how big my little people have gotten. (And how old I look now.) (No, seriously. What happened between 22 and 25 that makes me look so much older?!)

At least part of it is likely the movie we watched tonight before bed, which is I guess a classic but I had never seen, and it was kinda upsetting.

Perhaps it is partially because it is 4:35am and I haven't been able to fall asleep yet, and now the time I would have to sleep is extremely limited anyway, which is deterring me from just downing some nyquil.

But I sort of think a lot of it is plain anger.

I am so mad I could spit. Like, that isn't even an expression. I feel like spitting at someone (I will refrain).

Lest you missed the well-commented facebook post this evening, someone STOLE MY STROLLER today at Sea World.

I have had things stolen from me before. In fact, this isn't even the first stroller I have had stolen from me (the first one being some years ago, and it was only one of those cheap umbrella strollers, and I comforted myself in thinking that it was probably someone who REALLY needed it, so I am glad they had it anyway.) But somehow, I am way more furious than with anything else I have had stolen.

I am guessing in no small part because this is likely the most expensive item I have ever had stolen.

Now, I don't consider myself much of a name-brander. For example, I have only had one pair of designer shoes in my life (that I can think of), I bought them five years ago and still wear them pretty darn frequently (even though since then I have had countless toe problems and they hurt my feet like the dickens.) I loved those shoes and really, really wanted them. And then when Target made a knock off a few months later, I was pretty bitter I had purchased them. But I digress. I don't think I would normally spend so much on a stroller. But lest you have no children, or your children are past stroller age, allow me to defend my purchase really quickly: obviously if you are going cost, the cheap umbrella strollers are the way to go. But, if the child to parent ratio is 2:1 (which it normally is when I am out, not counting this summer, which Greg has had off, but will be the last time he has a chunk of time off with his family until... retirement. Sorry, honey.), umbrella strollers aren't going to cut it, because I can't push two strollers at once. And I suppose my three year old should walk places himself and not need a stroller, but if I don't put him in one, he whines the whole time to be carried, which just makes things unpleasant. Or he walks, but at his own pace. It routinely takes 45 minutes to get the mail. I am not exaggerating. So, a double stroller it has to be. And, if you are buying a double stroller, the very cheapest ones are not that cheap, and they suck. So, really, the fabulous stroller is not THAT much more in the scheme of things, and it is so easy to push around. So, yes, I bought myself THE stroller. If that makes me foolish or spend thrifty, fine. (Is my excellent mood showing through here?)

Anyway, usually I try and think of how lucky I am, and I even sometimes try and tell myself that it is better that unfortunate things happen to me instead of someone else, for whom they might really be a tragedy.

But I feel like this is sort of a tragedy.

And to come at a time where I just moved into a bigger house, (which I still adore, but still), which means more rent, more utilities, and more rugs needed for the floors. Also, both of my cars have the check engine lights on, one of which won't actually start, so we are still trying to think of a way to get it from the parking lot at our old apartment complex to a mechanic. Also, I just got the bill for law school next semester, and it ain't tiny... even WITH the scholarship. Also, we just charged all the law books on to our credit card (which, at a significantly reduced price from retail, are still expensive enough to feed a whole third world city.) Also, we are working on getting our house in Utah ready to rent, which is costing us. And is there ever a good time to have an unexpected expense? NO!
I loved our stroller. I am just sad. And I am cranky. And overtired. And it is 5 in the morning. So I am going in for a little self indulgence. Poor, poor me.

PS, I know I sound terribly bratty in this post. I have a lot of blessings. A lot. If nothing else, being a broke student's wife gives me access to student loans, which can help me forget my problems... until approximately six months after he is no longer enrolled in school full time. =) Forgive me for the brattiness, and I am sure I will feel better now that I got it out of my system. Next time perhaps we will work on getting it out of my system in a less public forum... hmm.....

Friday, July 15, 2011

We've moved. I haven't seen my camera in weeks. (Have unpacked all but two boxes. Where could it be?) But, lest you miss us, here is a cell phone shot of me and my girl, enjoying a delicious home grown nectarine in the backyard.