Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My kids had their doctor's visits (yes, Charlie's is three months late, but last year, I was pregnant, and not on top of things, so I took him in for his 2 year visit late, so now we have to wait until it has been a year since his last visit.... etc.) on the day after Felicity's birthday. (Not only was Charlie's appointment late, this announcement of stats is about a month late, but you don't care, do you? I thought not.)

-Two feet, five and a half inches tall (which is the 65th percentile)
-Twenty six pounds and seven ounces (which is the 98th percentile)
-She started walking for real on the day of her first birthday party, May 28th.
-She claps, waves, points, and does a couple of signs to communicate (none of them are real ASL signs, just her own way of telling me what is up.) She also has a very effective screech for when she wishes to communicate something.
-She folds her arms for prayer time.
-She adores her brother. His antics hardly ever make her cry, which I really like.
-She is 100% mama's baby. It is a little hard to be so needed, but delightful to be so loved.
-She would probably breastfeed until she moved out of the house if I let her (I am grossing all kinds of people out with that declaration, so allow me to say that I am using hyperbole here), but I am working on weaning. A week or so before her first birthday I was talking to a friend and she asked me how often Felicity was nursing and I said four times a day. The friend almost fainted. Apparently I forgot to start weaning her a long time ago. You are supposed to cut down on that as they get older. Oops. Charlie weaned himself, so I didn't know. Anyway, we are down to one (sometimes two) nursings a day now. She absolutely loathes regular (cow's) milk though, so I am not sure how I am going to cut those last two out.
-She is a pretty good sleeper, and takes two naps about 60% of the time, and one nap 35% of the time, and no nap every once in a while (those are not good days. For anyone.) I just had to move her afternoon nap into my bedroom in the pack and play because my two kids being together in the same room for the afternoon nap has not led to much sleeping. She dislikes her pack and play. Strongly dislikes it. But, for now, it's what we've got. The two of them have no problems going to bed in the same room at nighttime. (Luckily.)

Three feet, two inches tall (49th percentile) and thirty four pounds (sixty sixth percentile).
I gave some details on what my little guy is like at age three here, but in health news, he officially has had pneumonia three times since February (we are currently in a non-pneumonia phase right now). No one seems that worried about it at the doctor's office, and I am not normally the type to be demanding about medical related things unless the doctor seems worried, but I think this whole thing might be my one time to raise a stink about it. So, at this visit I requested that something be done to quiet my concerns. They ordered an xray for when he is healthy so they could make sure that there is nothing in his lungs when he is clear of pneumonia that might make it easier for the pneumonia to take up residence there. He has had a cough on and off since that time, so I haven't taken him for that xray yet, but they said to take our time, and I want his lungs to be really clear so it can show any possible problem. It is highly unlikely that anything is wrong (most likely just our bad luck), but it will be nice to have that off the table. And don't worry, I will keep my eager readers apprised of the situation.


Austin and Jennifer said...

When I weaned Gianna at 13 months she also would NOT drink cows milk. My doctor said as long as she is getting the calcium from other things (cheese, etc) it is ok. Then I just kept giving her little bits to see if she would drink it and eventually she took on. It was a couple of months though.. good luck! (oh.. and the very last time I nursed G was the night before Disneyland. I had cut it down to only the right before bed feeding and that night when we got home from Disney she was soooo worn out that she just fell asleep. Just a suggestion :)

SpencernAmy said...

Hey you, don't stress about weaning. It's still the best thing for her. I wish my kids had breastfed longer . . . not until they moved out (or even started school-which I saw in NYC yech! lol). Like Charlie, they weaned themselves by 9 months. Oh, and Sam hated cow's milk. She was my soy milk baby for a coupla years. . . . Turned out she was slightly allergic to the cow's milk anyway (made her constipated and gave her a little rash--she's outgrown it now). Anyway, just my 2 cents. You rock!

Melanie said...

Sounds like your kids are perfect. They are definitely cute and Charlie is so sweet in nursery. I wouldn't stress about weaning. My kids were all at least a year old. Evan was actually 2 and he turned out just fine.

Kirsten said...

You know, some people DO breastfeed their kids until the move out. Or at least until they start school. You'll be called a freak, but at least you'll have a healthy child :)

Oh and p.s. Mady is still not 26 lbs. Her and Felicity can share clothes!

Life 4 Nae said...

I am an eager reader! Never forget it! :)