Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I know parents are inclined to think their own little humans are the most darling and fascinating and smart people who walk the planet. Without this feeling, there would be a lot fewer successful people claiming that their supportive parent is what got them there (and a whole lot fewer mommy blogs). Anyway, I know that objectively, that probably isn't the case. But descriptively, I buy that logic wholesale. I literally think my little ones are the most darling and fascinating and smart and a lot of other excellent adjectives (and, let's be real, a few less complimentary adjectives) on earth. (Although I like your kids a lot too.)

It is pictures like this that make me swell with pride and love. If nothing else, my children really love each other. And that makes this mama happy.


SpencernAmy said...

that's awesome! I hope they stay that way. It's when they are old enough to prefer friends over family that the problems start . . . sigh. I think that's why my family took so many family vacations (force us to be friends). : )

Stacy said...

"charlie, pet felicity!!! PERFECT!"