Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bakersfield Trip

A few of the pictures from our trip to Bakersfield have already cropped up in other posts (or you saw them on my sister-in-law's blog), but here are the rest. Greg was in finals, my brother is working minimum 16 hours per day, so my sister-in-law and I decided that we needed a little adult companionship. We had the time of our lives just hanging out with kids and lazing about.


Just Dance-ing:

Eating (playing with) homemade corndogs:

Attempting a "cousins" picture (failing):

Peeing in the bushes....(since this time Charlie has potty trained, and he frequently requests to go potty in the flowers, like "Coban")

Enjoying ourselves:


Kristin said...

oh my gosh! i about died when i saw the peeing in the bushes pic! thats awesome!

Angela Henderson said...

The Wi pics are great! You look great by the way!!!

SpencernAmy said...

Both Lindsay and I are busting a gut at the peeing pic. . . . Thanks for the laugh. And great job on the music - THANKS!!!!!