Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where we've been...

A friend from out of town emailed recently and mentioned that she doesn't know what was going on with us because I haven't really said anything in a long time. I have been putting up some pictures here and there, but for our out of town friends, I guess I better give a text update.

GREGFINISHED HIS FIRST YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL!!!! He worked exceedingly hard, and felt very good about all the tests. After last semester, he felt like he had a better taste of what the finals would be like, and did great group and individual study. He also got a typing program and increased his typing speed significantly, which, on a timed and typed test, will really help him. The grades don't come out for a month, so he doesn't know the details yet, but he did well last semester, and felt even better about it this semester, so I am guessing he will have done great.

Next year he is the 2L representative from his section in the SBA (Student Bar Association). Considering his antagonism of student body programs in high school, it is sort of funny to see him be on one. But, he is excited, and it should be pretty fun.

After the year from our nightmares, he is taking the summer off and just relaxing. He will be right back at the grind in a few short months, so we are enjoying having him home for now. He is also in cub scouts (8-10 year olds) now, so he has pack meeting twice a month, which should be fun.

He is now a few months into age three, and he has finally gotten on board with saying "I'm three!" when people ask. He loves to ride his bike, scooter, and search for lizards. He likes to play with his sister sometimes, but occasionally wants his space and says "Mom, she is bugging me." I think we might be getting past some of the difficulties that have come with the toddlerhood to childhood transition he is going through, which is a relief. He is slightly less emotional, which is nice. He hasn't really recovered 100% from his two bouts with pneumonia, but he is generally okay in the health department.
He is still un-pottytrained, because the health issues have been enough, combined with Greg always being gone, and so I haven't felt up to going back. I am expecting it to be pretty easy though, because he was basically trained back in January, but then I put him back in diapers because of all the illnesses, and the side effects from the medications. Therefore, I hope to have it done any day now, I just need to get a few days in a row where I am not working, and we don't have anywhere else to be, so we can focus on it.

FELICITYwill be a YEAR next week! I cannot believe how fast this last year has been. (Or, how slow and difficult it was, haha! As a friend said on her blog, the days were long but the year was fast!) She is a serious delight in our family. She is (generally) very happy, and is a pretty good sleeper and eater, so I can't really complain! (I am so looking forward to weaning her this month, but I think she is going to be pretty mad, because she loves to nurse.) She is definitely a mama's girl though, so if she is a little under the weather, scared/uncomfortable, or tired, she wants only one person. She has gotten pretty vocal about her wants and needs, and if she feels she is being slighted in any way, she squeals in anger. She adores her brother (he calls her "Licity" and it is precious) and hardly ever cries about anything he does, even when he pesters her.

She loves to blow raspberries (Charlie always says "LICITY! WE DO NOT SPIT!"), eat chalk, pull the books out of their shelves, take baths, and pull herself up to stand and walk along furniture/people's legs/anything that can get her standing up. No steps yet, but probably in the next few months. She does enjoy walking while holding someone's hand. She does crawl quite adeptly, and speeds around the house, tearing things apart. She signs "more" and "all done!" and shakes her head yes and no (although she gets them wrong 1/2 the time. She mostly just enjoys moving her head I guess). She says "hi" when someone says "hi" to her, and waves and claps. She says "mama" and "dada", usually when we say it first, but I don't think she is REALLY saying them with meaning yet. However, when she is upset, she wails "mamamamamamamama" so I think she knows that when you are mad, you shout mama. We regularly call her "snots," so take from that (and what you will see if you look at the pictures more closely) what you will.

Charlie took this picture. I am just plugging along. It has been nice having Greg around and getting back to a two parent household. I admire single mothers, and also mothers/wives/partners whose husbands/boyfriends/whatever work long hours and they don't get...ruffled. I have been "ruffled" for approximately a year now. =) Anyway, I am glad to have Greg back. I am working a lot lately, and still loving my job, although it is a hard balance. I got my annual performance review a few days ago and got 99 points (out of 100) (is that awkward to say on a blog?). My husband asked about that last point. (He was joking.) But I think they didn't want to give me 100 points because that would be weird. I will take 99 though! Hopefully that translates later in the year when they do salary reviews...

I have wonderful friends and have appreciated every moment of the last year where every time I had a hard time (which was a lot) someone called, texted, emailed, invited us to the park/their house/over for dinner. I was really blessed by wonderful people and I appreciate it. With two small children and a job, and the million other things people have to keep them busy, I am sure I will continue to be busy for the rest of this year and my life, but I feel like with Felicity's first birthday coming up, I am at a checkpoint, and I feel good about having finished this last year up.


Amanda said...

Haha, glad you posted. I literally got on my computer tonight to send you a check in email. :)

I love how honest you are on this blog. I often think of you when I'm having tough moments. The voice inside my head says, "I don't know how she does it." Tonight I came home frazzled with too much studying left and to little time in the night...to find that our new dog had peed on the carpet, pooped on the floor, turned over the trash, spread coffee grounds through the house, ruined a basket and chewed up my end table. I sat next to the poo on the rug and cried.

I admire you so much for being able to do all that you do.

Charles said...

Congratulations on completing your first year! Second year, way better! It is hard work, but it is worth it.

AaReAn said...

always love a good update :-)

Kirsten said...

Can't believe Felicity is almost a year already! The time really has gone by fast! And yay for Greg getting a break, which means you get a break too...we miss you guys!

Kiersten said...

Yay! It was so good to hear from you. I'm so happy to hear how your little family is doing, and so glad that you'll have more time together now. And honestly, any woman who is working, has two kids (one of whom has had pneumonia TWICE in one year--that is crazy), and is dealing with grad-student widowhood and is not "ruffled" is either lying or has lobotomy children who just sit in a corner and don't move all day. I think you're awesome.