Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As part of our summer of fun, celebrating being all together, we decided to get Disneyland passes. I never thought of myself as much of a Disney person, but after we went last year and had such fun, I guess I am one.

We have gone several times, but here is one visit, where we joined some friends we know through law school and their kids. It was fun to be able watch each others little ones so we could actually go on rides with our spouses.

Anyway, more Disneyland pictures forthcoming, I'm sure.


Amanda said...

All children should be required to wear mustaches.

Kirsten said...

We are coming to CA at the end of June and taking Mady to Disneyland on the us there?

Nicole said...

sigh....... I heart disneyland. So jealous!

shannantess said...

i love disneyland. christian and i got a pass last summer and cant wait to take Sophie!