Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pnuemonia: part 2

Well, the little dude has pneumonia. Again. When we went to the doctor yesterday the doctor listened to his chest, and then ran out of the room and ordered a chest x-ray. Stat. Yes, the word stat was actually used. The only reason he was being so dramatic/rushed was because it was 4:50 and the radiology lab was closing. So I had to jog down there and get it done. But now we know that the word "stat" isn't just from TV medical dramas.

He seems to be feeling better, except that he is kinda manic. He will play really happily for five minutes, and then he will break down in sobs, or, worse, hit his sister/mother/cat. But we are working through it. And at least he is up and around, I guess (see post below). Although I doubt I would mind it if he just wanted to lay down for a few hours...

The doctor gave him an antibiotic (stronger this time, but not tasty, so the administering is not terribly fun) and also instructed him to blow some bubbles. I guess it... stretches his lungs? But, whatever, after two pneumonias (pneumoni? pnuemonium? the internet speaks: pneumonies. really?) in two months, I am not arguing with anyone.
Girlfriend is pneumonia-free, she is just coughing and has the snot. But she is generally happy. Sleep isn't excellent, but she is cutting about six teeth right now. I think she is making up for lost time.

She is growing up so very fast. She will be a year in just over a month, and I can hardly believe she has been around that long, and yet, typically, I can't remember life before she was in our family. She makes us smile every day, and her cuteness is surpassed only by her fabulous personality. We love our Flissy girl!


Nicole said...

Sorry your kiddos are both not up to par!!! That's the worst. Hope you guys all get feeling better soon!!

The Ashcraft Law Firm said...

also, charlie has a particular attachment to aunt stacy and requests she be present before he does anything productive.

Kirsten said...

Poor Charlie! Hope he gets better soon! He seems to handle it better than me though...I was 19when I got it and I just laid in bed and cried and cried and cried some more :)