Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just Dance

I think you all know how we love to dance.
We really. love. to. dance.

The kids and I dance all day. I put on the ipod and we just rock out. It entertains them, and counts as exercise, right?

When Greg won the talent show a few weeks back, it came with a Wii. We were unsure about if we were going to keep it or not (it was technically being split with the other guys in the band, so we were going to return it and split the cash) but then we played the game "Just Dance" at my sister's birthday party. It was settled. We kept the wii (still gave the cash to the band members) and got the game. We use it basically daily. I don't feel guilty, because it is dancing. Exercise, right?

The other day we had some friends over and they demanded to see the dancing. Greg and I danced, we even got Emily to do one (Buzz claimed foot injury, but we'll get him eventually.) No photos of the adults, but when the boys started in, we snapped a few.

This little guy was dancing too, but not for the camera.


*HoLLy and AdAm TOwNeR* said...

I have never tried the wii dance before, but I am sure its awesome. Glad y'all like to dance :) It definitely counts as exercise in my book!

Bryn said...

so cute! we love that game/ I always score high! I will take you on anytime.

Lauren said...

our friend brought this over to our apartment three weeks ago. since then we have made her come down every weekend and we play til 2 am. its the best. can we have parties with it when i come home in two weeks please?