Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Grandma M wanted to take our little Charlie somewhere for his birthday, so we all went to McDonald's.

(I tried to crop the freaky Ronald McDonald statue out of the background, but could only get so much of him to disappear. Can you believe that this McDonald's had THREE of those things; one on every bench? Yikes.)
Then we came home to special cupcakes she had gotten for this very event, and he got to blow the candles out and then eat his cupcake (well, okay, lick the frosting off.)
An awesome present, and a quick peek at Shelby, the tortoise (he was hibernating, so we didn't get to play too much) rounded out the great day. Charlie has asked about Grandma and Grandpa M (and the tortoise) several times since then, so we'll be heading back over for a visit soon.I am so lucky to have wonderful grandparents that my kids get to enjoy as well!

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