Friday, March 4, 2011

Cowboy Birthday Party

I am not 100% certain whose idea it was to have the cowboy birthday theme originally, mine or Charlie's, but Charlie was really excited about it. When I asked him what he was going to be on his birthday, he would say "a cowboy!" (The answer I was looking for was "three!" but we are still working on that one.)

A million thanks to my wonderful friend Emily for letting us have the rained out party at her house, and my wonderful friend Sara for documenting it so well! (See her blog for a few more pictures.) And also to all our lovely friends with delightful children who came and made Charlie's day so special. And to my sister for helping! Okay, I think that is it, sorry.

Since it rained, the pinata had to come inside. Someone shouted "just let them kick it!" and it went on from there, until the fury came to a fever pitch, at which point I broke the boot in half myself, to quell the mob.

I know. I am pure awesome.


Kirsten said...

Being a cowboy is way more awesome than being 3. But not more awesome of that picture of you with the mustache.

Lauren said...

uhh... yes. you are awesome. new profile picture?

Stacy said...

pure awesome with a stache!!!

SpencernAmy said...

Charlie is so lucky to have such an awesome mom! What a fun party!