Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I got a package this week (more on that later) and the padding in it was these squiggly red pieces of shredded paper. I attempted to keep Charlie from spreading it around the whole house, but after a couple minutes I gave up and figured that 30 minutes of happiness now was worth the ten minutes of cleaning up later.

He kept throwing the stuffing in the air and yelling "PARTY!"
That's right. We know how to party in this house.
(In other news, as you can see, Charlie is back in diapers. He was doing great(ish) with the potty training, but then the pneumonia came earlier this month and it was hand in hand with some...unfortunate side effects that squelched my desire to keep him in underwear. Since he still isn't back to 100% in his health or attitude, with the serious crankiness and terrible sleep that has been going on around here, I haven't had the energy to get back into it. Oh well.)


Kristin said...

it took me over a year to potty train hayley. mainly because i probably didnt put forth that much effort because i didnt think it was that important. i mean, as long as she isnt wearing diapers when she walks into the classroom, she should be fine, right? haha. one day, i ran out of diapers and i never bought them again after that. it was crazy. she was ready all along and i just wasnt giving her a chance. she ended up potty training her cousin who is 10 months younger than her! funny huh?! my sister lucked out! anyway, what im trying to get at is, so what if he is still in diapers. its not going to kill him. of course, im sure the expense of the diapers are killing your bank account. haha

Melanie said...

With my youngest and my nieces we combined those two ideas and had a "potty party" whenever they were successful. We would all clap and yell "Potty Party" and everyone got an m & m.

Not that you wanted to know all of that, but Charlie might like it once he's ready to try again.

BTW, my kids potty training ages varied from less than 2yo to nearly 4yo.

Cyndi said...

Not ever having been over to your house I was seriously questioning your choice in carpet until I read the post! Don't worry about the potty training! You were so smart to put if off during the uh incidentals!

Stacy said...

i'm not potty trained and i am doing great.