Monday, February 28, 2011

Did I say there were no words?

Of course there are words. There are always words.

My three year old:

He is a light eater. Friends have hardly ever seen him eat at all, but when it is just our family at the dinner table with all electronics turned off and the lights out in all rooms except the dining room table, he actually does eat. But he doesn't have an enormous appetite. His favorite food is pasta. Any time a timer goes off he says "is the pasta ready?"

He adores his family. Each morning he wakes up and requests a grandparent (a different one each day) and also asks where his daddy is. When I tell him that daddy is at school he says "is he in the library with books?" He calls his sister "Lissy" and "Lissity" and is almost always nice to her. When she bothers him, he USUALLY tells me "Lissy is bothering me" instead of taking matters into his own hands. He is very concerned for her safety when she stands in the bathtub, and he encourages her to sit back down. He also loves his cousins, (including but not limited to) Avey, Co-ban, and Tenny, and his aunts and uncles.

He has a good memory for things I promise. If I say he can have something after his nap, he wakes up with the words on his lips. If I say he can do something when daddy gets home, he immediately gets going on it as daddy walks through the door.

He naps most days, and is a wreck of a human on the days that he doesn't so I think they are still hanging out for a while longer.

He goes to Miss Shauna's for a preschool/playgroup type thing every Tuesday. On Tuesday mornings when he wakes up I say "what day is it?" and he says "TUESDAY!!!!" He loves it.

He is like his daddy with his laid back temperament, and he gets his desire to stay up late and wake up late from his mother. He wakes up slightly grumpy and needs a few minutes of cuddling before he is ready to take on the day.

He is a serious musician. I know, I am totally biased, but he really does have a pretty good ear for tune and rhythm. He knows a ton of songs, mostly primary church songs, but also a fair amount of music from my ipod. He is a huge Glee fan, so I play it a lot for him. The other day Greg was making up words to the tune of "Teenage Dream" which I assume he knows from Glee, but Charlie corrected him and said "no, it says 'let you put your hands on me.'" (I better start censoring better I guess.)

He loves TV and movies. Since we cancelled cable, he doesn't get to see his favorite shows very often (Wubbzy and Yo Gabba Gabba) but thanks to Netflix he has recently taken up Word World, which he adores. He also likes playing games on my phone. If it were up to him, he would have 24 hours of "screen time" a day. (Don't worry, it's not.)

Okay, he wouldn't have a full 24 hours of television, because he is a boy who loves the park. He also likes running errands in general. I think his love of Target is surpassed only by my own love of Target. He likes the doctor's office, and tells me all the time things that he will tell Doctor Page when he sees him next.

In general, he is the most incredible three year old I know. I can't help feeling that way. Even when he bugs me (which, in the interest of preserving reality, is fairly often. Terrible threes is way worse than terrible twos).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is a common sight around here.

So is this one.

(He's checking for "monies" or other questionable items that might be in her mouth. He's nothing if not helpful.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My baby boy.

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Happy 3rd birthday. There are just no words.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I got a package this week (more on that later) and the padding in it was these squiggly red pieces of shredded paper. I attempted to keep Charlie from spreading it around the whole house, but after a couple minutes I gave up and figured that 30 minutes of happiness now was worth the ten minutes of cleaning up later.

He kept throwing the stuffing in the air and yelling "PARTY!"
That's right. We know how to party in this house.
(In other news, as you can see, Charlie is back in diapers. He was doing great(ish) with the potty training, but then the pneumonia came earlier this month and it was hand in hand with some...unfortunate side effects that squelched my desire to keep him in underwear. Since he still isn't back to 100% in his health or attitude, with the serious crankiness and terrible sleep that has been going on around here, I haven't had the energy to get back into it. Oh well.)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Top five things my mother said growing up that I swore I wouldn't ever say but now say:

1) It's a surprise.
(This is when someone asks me what was for dinner. I don't want to discuss it. I am cooking, that is bad enough.)

2) Don't step in the black!
(I don't say these exact words, but my mother always did. It is an attempt to keep your children from stepping in the oil, or other undesirables on the street. I used to think "that is what shoes are for, why shouldn't I step where I want?" But now I know. Shoes go into the house, and, often, into the baby's mouth. Don't step on the yuck on the street.)

3) If you stick your arm out of the car/grocery cart/moving vehicle, it will get cut off.
(My mother STILL totally maintains that a girl she went to high school with had her arm cut off. I am still pretty dubious as to whether this is true. When this came out of my mouth though, I was so shocked I had to call my sister and tell her that it has officially happened and I am Mom, because it is so obnoxious that I don't want to say it, but I can't help it, it just came out.)

4) You can't always get what you want.
(This is sung, a la The Rolling Stones. My parents sang this CONSTANTLY throughout my childhood, and I do it a lot too. I know it is pretty often, because a couple days ago we were supposed to go somewhere and I couldn't find my keys. I was looking through everything and Charlie asked what I was doing and I told him that I couldn't find my keys. He sang "well mommy, 'You CAN'T always GET what you WAAAAAANT!")

5) I couldn't think of a fifth thing, but I am only 3 years into my child rearing years. There is plenty of time.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm famous!

Okay, maybe only a little. Well, maybe not at all. But a word that Greg and I submitted to got posted today! Check us out!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I just got an awesome haircut from Andrea at Belleza Salon. I am not well known for my dexterity with hair (in fact, I don't even own a hair dryer, and I didn't have hair spray until I needed some last week and didn't have any so decided that is something I should probably have in my house), so a great cut is something I seriously appreciate. Andrea is the source behind my sister's always awesome hair (she is featured on the salon's site here) and she also gave Charlie his last hair cut (well, the one before I cut the left side yesterday and then ran out of oreos before I could do the right side. That cut was all me) and she is basically amazing.

Also, so you can see Charlie's stunning hair cut, courtesy of mom, and because he didn't understand why I would take the camera out to take a picture of someone other than him, here he is.
He looks like Donald Trump.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Do I even need to tell you how much I love matching pajamas? I think I do not.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is the face of pneumonia.
It ain't pretty.

(He's actually feeling much better. It's been an unfortunate ten days or so though.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Felicity paints too. She uses a different medium (sweet potatoes) and canvas (face).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Bobbys (pacificer) + Sponge Bob
I am pretty sure Charlie is going with flu = totally worth it.