Monday, January 10, 2011

I continue to maintain that bathtime is the best time to catch photos of my little people.

He said "I'm Santa. Ho, ho, ho." I think he learned it from Mady.


Kirsten said...

I'm glad Mady was able to share her skills with Charlie. And she does, by the way, still say "Charles" on command.

Melanie said...

The bathtub is a perfect spot for photos. They can't escape. I use a similar strategy for difficult/awkward discussions with my kids. We talk in the car, preferably on the freeway. No one's going anywhere.

ferntyler said...

I love Melanie's comment, so true - they're happy and they're stuck! I'm going to use that trick on the freeway with my kids soon... (by the way, I was just looking for a picture of Brooke, my 5th grader, for a baby picture thing and we found a bunch of cute ones of her in the tub with bubbles or toys and for some reason she didn't want to use those.. weird.)