Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Patch

As we have for the last couple of years, we took the kidlets to the pumpkin patch. We had some friends meet us there (although they declined to be photographed) and had a grand ol' time.
This is what the kid's whose mommy's don't buy the animal food do: pick it up from the ground.
"Look! Theep!"
I dig the Halloween shirt.

When we had him pick out a pumpkin, I encouraged him to go a little further than the first one he found.

He took my advice.

(this is the face I make when I want Charlie to smile. i think he is going to get it by osmosis or something.)


jessica said...

Everyone knows the pumpkins in the very middle on the VERY bottom are the best ;)

Kirsten said...

Where was this Patch? The one we went to had a lot going on, but was a bit lacking in the pumpkin department.

Stacy said...

charlie gets his adventureousness from his auntie. this is why he scounted the perfect pumpkin packed precisely in the centerpoint of the patch.