Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Want something to read?

Since I work from home, between every single activity I do (changing diapers, reading stories, making lunches, you get the idea) I hop on the computer to see if I have gotten any work emails.  Therefore I end up being on the computer a fair amount during the day, particularly during naptime, or when the kids are behaving and doing their thing, quietly.

Anyway, because I am on the computer a lot, I find a lot of fun stuff online, while waiting for work tasks (not that I am always waiting for work tasks.  Lots of days I am very busy.  But, whatever, my work habits aren't the point here.)

Today I found this website, and since lots of my friends are fellow "mommy bloggers" I thought some of you might enjoy it (and also have a few minutes to waste online each day).


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Amanda said...

Sounds like you need a smart phone, lady.