Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Guy

This little dude just hit his "half" birthday (Monday). For some reason, two-and-a-half is sort of getting to me. I said to someone at work today "he is halfway to THREE. Actually, mathematically he is halfway to FIVE!! I can't handle it!!!" They looked at me blankly. So, if you aren't on board with my serious nostalgia (or whatever this feeling is) about my little dude, I understand. But, man. Two-and-a-half.

Some details about this venerable age:
- Copies. Everything. We. Do. (Somehow he figured out that crap is a bad word and he shouts it with much glee whenever one of us accidentally lets it slip in front of him. Could be worse I guess.)
- Obsessed with "bad guys."
- Says "STOP IT" when he doesn't like what I am doing (usually dressing him or changing his diaper). Mom isn't crazy about this one.
- Knows ten or fifteen primary songs and several other songs, including the alphabet.
- Recognizes some numbers (still 1-14. We aren't sure when he will push past the 15 barrier).
- Makes Felicity laugh.
- Only uses pacifiers for sleeping.
- Asks to sit on the potty, but hasn't yet used it for its purpose. I suspect his requests to sit on the potty stem from the desire to flush it more than his desire to get out of diapers. I'm not pushing it yet, but he does have underwear that he puts on (usually over his clothes) occasionally.
- Wants to move to Disneyland as a permanent resident (those pictures still pending).
- Makes my life happier, crazier, louder, and sweeter than I ever would have imagined.


Megan and Jonny said...

I'm with you. I'm not okay with two yet, much less 2.5!

I love reading things like this and seeing what Seth will be doing here in a few months. Sounds like our little guys would be great buddies!

PS--Seth's 'bad word' is "Oh, dang it!" And we hear it a lot. My mom will be so disappointed in me...

The Bradley's said...

I love the repeating. It makes me laugh every time.

Stacy said...

i love when he yells crap. we like to yell it to each other when you are not around.

Stacy said...

by the way.