Monday, August 30, 2010


For whatever reason, Tigger was a favorite of Charlie's. He has never watched any Tigger movies or shows, but I guess they just really bonded.

On Saturday we had the "early morning magic" or whatever it is called, so we got to go into the park an hour before it opened to the public. There were a few people around, but not too many, so we somehow got this picture with no one in the background.
Charlie loved "a bug's land" over in California Adventure.

We didn't notice that Felicity and Minnie matched before we got there, but it made for a cute picture.

Charlie was saying "to infinity, and beyond!" but Buzz was just posing.
Goofy was Greg's favorite as a kid, so he was really excited to introduce Charlie to him.

Seriously, Disneyland was the best ever. We loved basically every second of it. There were mother's rooms where I could nurse Felicity (and, let's admit it, where I went to cool off many times in between feedings). It was delightful because it was over 90 degrees every day we were there. I don't think I have ever been so warm. Anyway, Felicity didn't like nursing outside in that weather, so we had to go into those rooms a lot.

Charlie loved meeting all the characters, and he loved the rides. As far as the "big rides" go, Charlie could go on the Matterhorn, and he did, twice. After each ride (once on Friday and once on Saturday) when we asked him if liked it and he said "yeah" but when we asked if he wanted to go again and he said "NO!" He talked about the "scary guy" on there, and does a pretty good imitation.

I have secretly sort of made fun of people that are obsessed with Disneyland and say it is their happy place or the happiest place on earth, or whatever (in a loving way, I promise), but after going there, I can totally see where they are coming from!! It is seriously the happiest place ever. All the employees are just the sweetest people ever, and so helpful. We actually wondered what people who visit Disneyland on their first visit to the US must think of Americans. We talked to two people who said "people in the US are SO NICE!" We said "sorry, man, that's just Disney, not the whole country. But having an overly nice view is okay, right?

The hotel we stayed in (the Parkvue) was highly recommended by several friends and we were NOT disappointed. It couldn't have been closer to the park, and the breakfast was delish. Every time the kids got tired we shuffled back to nap, we didn't have to power through any temper tantrums.

We definitely want to go back. I am kinda homesick for it. I am thinking when Felicity is about Charlie's age we will head back for our next visit. Once every couple of years isn't too much, right?


Laura said...

Glad you had so much fun and liked the hotel too. It just makes me happy looking at your pictures. I've gotta find a way to get back there.....

Stacy said...

how is buzz just STANDING there whilst chappy is delivering HIS punchline?!?!?!?!