Sunday, July 11, 2010


Greg - In law school and liking it so far. He is doing a summer class which is in the evenings, and is sort of an "intro" class. They are studying torts in the class, but it is not one of the required L1 classes; it is just an opportunity to learn how to brief cases, etc. He is also boxing a few times a week and coming home with some pretty gnarly bruises.

Rachel - Back to work and working from home. It is so lovely to be able to do that, and so far I have been able to get everything done within the time frames it needs to be done in, so it hasn't been too stressful. Enjoying being a mom of two, and only wanting to pull my hair out a hundred times a day. (Just kidding. But really, I do love my two kiddies and I love having them both, but man, it is hard work!)

Charlie - Repeats every word and gesture his father says/makes. Loves to sing the ABC song (knows most of the letters except LMNOP and W, for LMNOP he just makes a little noise, and for W he says wuh wuh wuh, which sort of sounds like W, and hey, is the proper sound at least), I Am a Child of God, and I Love to See the Temple, but his very favorite song by far is still Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Still counting to 14. That 15 is a barrier he doesn't seem keen to get past (not that it matters, it is cute that he counts to such a random number). Loves his sister and keeps tabs on her throughout the day. When she smiles he says "SHE'S SMILING!" and then whenever she stops he says "aww, she's sad." Still whining sort of a lot, but we're working on it. Would eat waffles and/or cup o' noodles for every meal if he could. (The waffles I mostly let him have when he requests them, but I do try and limit the MSG intake, so the cup o' noodles not so much. We have had them in our pantry forEVER, since Spencer lived with us and only ate cup o' noodles and pop tarts, but Charlie discovered them recently and decided he loves them.) He pulls out Greg's boxing gloves anytime he finds the gym bag, and boxes. Has not tried boxing any people yet, thank goodness. When music is on he either dances or runs to the Rockband drumset and starts playing. He knows a lot of the Beatles songs from our ipods and also from playing Beatles Rockband.

Felicity - Got her own "2 month" post below.

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you need to post about 4th of july and also put the boxing video on here....