Thursday, July 22, 2010

Felicity's Blessing

Thanks for the many people that shared a special day with us. And I am glad that after she got her name and her blessing, I am no longer freaking out that I named her the worst name ever. I am at peace with the name again. (Who freaks out about the name they loved that they have already given their child? Me. Because I don't have enough stresses in my life, I must invent random useless ones occasionally.)


Melanie said...

I absolutely LOVE her name. I also love that she was able to wear your blessing dress. It is beautiful!

Kirsten said...

Why were you freaking out about her name? I think its unique and beautiful. The only thing I associate Felicity with is the TV show, which I loved, so there is no way it could ever be a bad name :)

Phil Lawrence said...

I too love her name.