Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Fair

We enjoyed the Del Mar Fair again this year.

Charlie loved all the animals. Sadly, he was pretty excited to see some pigs, and we didn't see any. Perhaps they were in a special piggy area.
The food is the obvious draw for Greg and I. We didn't have anything too weird; the fried oreo was the only thing one might consider different, although it is SUPPOSED to be a dessert, unlike chocolate covered bacon. Last year we had these "Texas tater twisters" and we have literally been dreaming of them for a full year. We made a beeline for the stand when we first got there to enjoy them.
Frozen banana.
Felicity wanted to be held but I forgot her hat, so we had to buy one so she could be shaded. It was pretty funny to see her hiding under the floppy hat.
We had to stop so I could feed the baby, so we sat down at a vacant stage area. Greg said "Charlie, go dance" and he did. He was up there for quite a while. A few other people who wanted a rest sat down as well, so he was providing entertainment for them as well.

Took a break from dancing to sing into a mic stand.

Happy after her meal.
Riding rides in the kid's area.
Ahhh, the fair. So ridiculously expensive, so very fun (and fattening).


Tristen said...

I love love love Charlie up there entertaining, he's so sweet. I love the Del Mar Fair, our first date. :)

Kirsten said...

I wish we had gotten to see the Charlie show! Mady liked the fair too...which by "liked" I mean she behaved herself. I saw those tator twisters and wanted to try one, and now I'm sad I didn't. We did the fried pop tart and I much prefer a regular pop tart.
Oh, and we did see some pigs in one of the livestock pavilion...although Adam was sad we missed the pig races!

Stacy said...

oh man, those MOVES! he gets them from his auntie. did they throw flowers afterwards? (maybe i can sing for the dishop, and they'll THROW presents!)

what the heck is a dishop anyway?

Amanda said...

I love fair food!

Kiersten said...

I love those pictures of Charlie! He's so cool!