Monday, July 26, 2010

My sister wants to know why I didn't blog about 4th of July.

This is why:(But regardless of what this picture implies, we did have a fun time. The family came over for dinner and fireworks. My pictures just aren't cute like everyone else's.)

New Family Photos

We had family photos taken last week and they turned out great! Thanks Will and Jessica. For both your excellent work and your acceptance of our major bribery used to keep Charlie holding still.... To view the rest of their portfolio and book them for yourself, see their website,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Felicity's Blessing

Thanks for the many people that shared a special day with us. And I am glad that after she got her name and her blessing, I am no longer freaking out that I named her the worst name ever. I am at peace with the name again. (Who freaks out about the name they loved that they have already given their child? Me. Because I don't have enough stresses in my life, I must invent random useless ones occasionally.)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Double Take

Rachel & Felicity
1985 & 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Does it get any better than flippers and floaties?

Charlie contends that it does not.Unless, of course, you're talking cake and ice cream.

Babies never get to have any fun.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bathtime/2 month stats

We had the two month appointment today. Our huge baby is 15 pounds 2 ounces! That is 99th percentile. Which is basically enormous. Shall we review?
Birth - 7 pounds 14 ounces
1 month - 11 pounds 6 ounces (3 pound 8 ounce gain)
2 months - 15 pounds 2 ounces (3 pound 12 ounce gain)
She is 24 inches (94th percentile), which is slightly longer than Charlie was at this age, and she weighs just a little bit less.

She has a herniated umbilical cord, which is pictured below if you want to see it. Basically it is just an "outie" belly button. The doctor said hers is actually pretty small as they go.
I used to take tons of pictures of Charlie in the bath and I haven't taken any of Felicity, so I grabbed the camera earlier today. She is looking pretty cute, I must say.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Greg - In law school and liking it so far. He is doing a summer class which is in the evenings, and is sort of an "intro" class. They are studying torts in the class, but it is not one of the required L1 classes; it is just an opportunity to learn how to brief cases, etc. He is also boxing a few times a week and coming home with some pretty gnarly bruises.

Rachel - Back to work and working from home. It is so lovely to be able to do that, and so far I have been able to get everything done within the time frames it needs to be done in, so it hasn't been too stressful. Enjoying being a mom of two, and only wanting to pull my hair out a hundred times a day. (Just kidding. But really, I do love my two kiddies and I love having them both, but man, it is hard work!)

Charlie - Repeats every word and gesture his father says/makes. Loves to sing the ABC song (knows most of the letters except LMNOP and W, for LMNOP he just makes a little noise, and for W he says wuh wuh wuh, which sort of sounds like W, and hey, is the proper sound at least), I Am a Child of God, and I Love to See the Temple, but his very favorite song by far is still Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Still counting to 14. That 15 is a barrier he doesn't seem keen to get past (not that it matters, it is cute that he counts to such a random number). Loves his sister and keeps tabs on her throughout the day. When she smiles he says "SHE'S SMILING!" and then whenever she stops he says "aww, she's sad." Still whining sort of a lot, but we're working on it. Would eat waffles and/or cup o' noodles for every meal if he could. (The waffles I mostly let him have when he requests them, but I do try and limit the MSG intake, so the cup o' noodles not so much. We have had them in our pantry forEVER, since Spencer lived with us and only ate cup o' noodles and pop tarts, but Charlie discovered them recently and decided he loves them.) He pulls out Greg's boxing gloves anytime he finds the gym bag, and boxes. Has not tried boxing any people yet, thank goodness. When music is on he either dances or runs to the Rockband drumset and starts playing. He knows a lot of the Beatles songs from our ipods and also from playing Beatles Rockband.

Felicity - Got her own "2 month" post below.

Two Months Old!!

Today Felicity is two months old. It is already flying by so quickly! She doesn't have her doctor's appointment until Friday, so I don't have stats, but here are some things about her:
*Being held, specifically by mommy.
*Eating. Check out those arm rolls and elbow dimples.
*Having a clean diaper.
*The swing.
*Her big brother. She almost never cries when he manhandles her.
*Being outside.
*Laying on her back and checking out the world (sometimes).
*The bathtub.
*The Beach Boys. (When she cries, Greg always says "whatsa matter baby?" which always turns into "whatsa matter baby, ain't you heard of my school?" which always turns into a Beach Boys singathon.)
*Being walked around the house.

*The car (except sometimes she doesn't mind being on the freeway).
*When mommy puts her down.
*The pacifier (sometimes she will take it, but often she gags like we're trying to kill her if we pop it in her mouth. She is much more likely to take it when being held by someone other than me; I assume this is because she wants to be eating if I am holding her or something.)
*9:30pm. She just has to be fussy during this time. At least it is well planned, because it is after Charlie is asleep so I can walk her around the house, or feed her, or just bounce her while she complains. Charlie was fussy at 7pm on the dot every night when he was this age, so at least it is normal (I think).

She has the most darling red hair ever. I adore it. In this picture her eyes are a little wild, but you can see her hair.
Charlie calls her sis-tah, baby, and Ci-Ci. When she cries or makes noise he rushes to her side and says "SHE'S CRYING!" When he watches a movie, he wants her to face the screen at all times too. He has been much less jealous when one of his parents are holding her or taking care of her, which is a serious relief, but he is still working on the whole patience thing if we can't get him what he wants because we are helping baby with something. He likes to play with her toys and baby gear, especially the swing. When she is in the swing, he pushes it. He likes to give her books to read while she is in the swing too; usually they are my books so we will walk by the swing and Felicity's head will be buried in a novel. Charlie loves her to wear her head bands. He finds them around the house and says "HEAD! HEAD!" and then puts them on her.

She definitely has a little more of my personality than Charlie does/did. Charlie is his father, so easy going and go with the flow. Felicity is a little bit more... persnickety. Still sweet as can be, but just knows what she wants. She has the makings to be a little bit high strung (like her mother before her). It is funny to see yourself reflected in your kids, even at such a young age. Either way, at this point she is just a delight most of the time, and the sweetness gets us through her fussy moments. She is very quick to smile, and we love her smiles. We love her to pieces and are so glad she's ours!

Oh, and we think she looks like the Godfather here.
(PS, we bought this Bumbo when Charlie was small. The box said it was green, but it was blue, so she gets to sit in a blue Bumbo. We tried it for the first time today and she seemed to like it okay.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Uncle Wesley came for the weekend so we decided to do something fun.

There was the tiniest (by tiny I mean approximately 500 pounds or whatever, but still) baby elephant. I could have stared for hours but it was walking away when we got there.

(Felicity was there, but sleeping in the stroller for most of it.)