Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we decided to forgo anything too exciting and spend a quiet day together. We walked over to the park (in our new stroller, which I adore except for the fact that it won't fit into the trunk of our car... hmm...) and made sandwiches and had a picnic. Greg and I got sunburned (through our sunscreen; we didn't apply until we got to the park, but we forgot about the 1.5 miles in the sun we went before we arrived at the park), but the babies didn't (we kept Felicity covered, and I reapplied sunscreen on Charlie repeatedly), so it is still a success.

Her patriotic sleeper says "All American Baby."

We are so grateful to all those who serve this country! Today we especially remember Grandpa H who served in the Navy for many years, and who died just before Charlie was born. He was a wonderful grandpa and serviceman.


Lacey said...

I love your stroller!

And baby Felicity is sooooo cute! I can't get over it!

Mellanie said...

So Jealous of your BOB! I have Serious Stroller Envy if you couldn't tell. By the way your baby Girl is just precious.

Laura Jean Marino said...

I have the same stroller only orange! Did you know you can attach a car seat? You just have to get the car seat adapter! You can borrow mine if you want to until Felicity is old enough to ride in it without one.