Sunday, May 23, 2010


As I went into labor on the day that we had Charlie's 2 year old appointment (yes, two months late...), I didn't ever post his stats.

Charlie is 32 pounds, which is in the 83rd percentile, and he is 2 feet 11 inches, which is the 50th percentile. They say that the kid basically doubles their height from their second birthday, so Charlie will probably be around six feet tall in adulthood, give or take a couple inches. Which is kinda funny to think about.

The doctor put me at ease with any issues I have been worried about with Charlie, which is why I love that doctor so much. I told him that I didn't feel ready to potty train yet, and he said that I should wait until I feel ready and not worry about it yet. I also admitted that we are pretty fond of the pacifier in our house, and he said the best thing ever: "if more adults used pacifiers, we would be a lot closer to world peace." He was totally supportive of the fact that I don't feel like I can break Charlie of it yet (we try and use it as little as possible, but especially since Felicity came, he is feeling a little stressed sometimes I think, and he has been pretty attached to it lately.) I am so glad I don't need to stress about it yet!!

I also told him how Charlie refuses to drink milk, and he said that the yogurt/cheese intake he does is fine, so that is good, because I have tried EVERYTHING to get my child to drink milk.

He said that he would have to search and search to find anything wrong with Charlie, and that he was just perfect and on track. Always nice for a parent to hear. Charlie had one shot that had gotten missed at a previous appointment, but I had fun fruits in my bag and gave them to him right before the shot, so he didn't even notice getting the shot, so that was nice.

Some of the funny things Charlie says these days:
- While standing in front of the pantry or the refrigerator, he looks at all the food and says "let's see.... how about ____." That is what Greg says to him when he is offering him various snacks, and Charlie picked it up.

- "I'm heavy!" when someone picks him up, or "that's heavy!" when he picks something up.

- "No." This is the answer to ANY question. I kid you not, we could ask him "do you want ice cream?" and he will say "No." A couple seconds later he will say "Okay." He actually says "No thanks" pretty often too, so at least you gotta give points for politeness.

- "Hey!" This is his greeting of choice, and it is so funny. It is slightly less funny when he is supposed to be sleeping and he comes out of bed and "visits" us.

- "It's broken."

- "Come on, guys!"

- "Where did _____ go?" Usually he is asking about daddy or bobbies (pacifier).

- "Bless you!" (When someone sneezes.)

He is just a delightful little boy. The last couple of weeks have been a little difficult as he has been adjusting to Felicity being around, but the last several days have been MUCH better, so we think that he is starting to get into a routine. We love our sweet, easy-going little boy.


Tristen said...

I love that little guy! I'm glad he's starting to get adjusted. It is stressful for them to go through life changes but it's good for them to learn that life can get stressful and that it works out soon enough. He's adorable!

Ashcraft Firm said...

he is making "our" face!!!!

Balls on Parade said...
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Balls on Parade said...

I HATED milk all growing up, my mom tried everything, I loved cheese and yogurt but milk...forget it! I'm still the same way today, I STILL hate milk, but love cheese and yogurt. Have you tried soy milk? When I need milk in something like cereal I will use vanilla soy, I like it much better than milk. I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and dairy is a "trigger" food for IBS symptoms, cheese and other dairy is usually ok but there is something about milk specifically that I don't like, maybe I have created an aversion based on my body's reaction or maybe I really just don't like it; but whatever it is I'm with your little man Charlie....milk=bad news!