Monday, April 19, 2010


So on Saturday, we changed Charlie's room into Charlie and baby's room. I am pretty pleased with the results!

Cool bookshelves: from Ikea. Also, note to self, we have too many toys.
I slaved over this closet forever, so I had to include a shot. It is so neat and clean in there! Except now all the junk we were storing in there is...sitting in my bedroom. So that project will be for next weekend.
I stayed home from work today, and so we didn't get dressed until the late afternoon, but here is Charlie playing in his newly arranged bedroom.
Eventually though, we did get dressed. Lately when I get the camera out, Charlie sticks his tongue out. Not sure.
I did a big huge cheesy smile to show him what I wanted him to do, and he copied it.
Just under four weeks before this baby is due! And I only have 8 work days left before my maternity leave! I am so ready for it (the leave, not the baby. I am ready in theory for the baby, I have diapers and the carseat and stuff, but, um, parent to two? I am terrified. Thrilled, but terrified.)


Laynie said...

cute room! I am currently working on making my kids room more gender neutral, it currently has a purple wall. I hope you are doing good and good luck with everything. Having two kids is great, crazy but great :)

Kirsten said...

Love the ladybugs! Good job :)

I also love that you stayed home with Charlie and didn't get dressed. Best. Days. Ever.

Lacey said...

Such a cute room! I'm excited for you to have a baby girl!

And I love the little animal prints above Charlie's bed.

Marc said...

I love the colors that you picked for the baby quilt. So excited for you guys!!!

Stacy said...

who is this marc character? he hasn't a picture to display his identity....