Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a lovely Easter this year. Started out with Charlie's basket.We got these big eggs that had matchbox cars in them (way more fun than just candy) and he loved them. Here he is showing the boat.

Then we talked about Easter and how Jesus was resurrected. We didn't show him Jesus on the cross because we thought that might be a little heavy for a two year old, but we showed him resurrected, and we said "look at the owies in his hands" and Charlie said "OH NO!" It was really funny. Later he saw the same picture we showed him up in the church building and he was pointing and showing us Jesus with the angels and his owies.
As happens almost every conference weekend, our cable somehow went out just before we were going to start watching conference. So, we rushed and got dressed and watched the morning session at the stake center. Sorry if any of you were there and our child interrupted your conference. He was all over the place. But really not too bad, for a two year old. Conference was great and I love the spiritual recharge every six months. It always seems to come right at the most needed time.

After conference, we headed over to Grandma M's for Easter with the family.

Playing with Shelby, the tortoise that is almost as old as Charlie's Grandpa Phil!
Egg hunting.
He was very serious about it. (Also very dirty, covered in both dirt and candy.)
The annual pinata.
Wesley was the one who eventually cracked the thing open; here he is with his conquest.
Something is in the water on that side of the family, because there were three of us there who are pregnant. Lauren is about 9 weeks along, Angela was I think around 29, and I am 34.
After the wonderful time at Grandma M's, we went over to Grandma H's for dinner. The food was great and the company was great, but I didn't get any pictures because my camera wasn't up to it (my cat broke it a few months back so it does well in short spurts only.)

And, I must of course mention the earthquake. It was a big one, but the thing that was so different about it was how LONG it was. We sat and sat while it shook everything, until I started to get worried it was going to toss Charlie off my grandma's bed, where he was taking a nap. So that freaked me out some, so I went tearing in there and got him off the bed. When it was over, I put him back on the bed. He never even opened his eyes. =) Since we were down in south county, we were really only like 120 miles from the epicenter of the thing. The proximity combined with the intensity makes me think it is probably the biggest one I have ever been in.


Kirsten said...

I LOVE that picture of him all serious with that "Get out of my way I have eggs to find" look on his face!

Stacy said...

charlie did great!!!! i know this because i helped him scout out all of his eggs and collect junk from the pinata.

The Bradley's said...

Sounds like a fun day. Happy Easter