Monday, March 15, 2010

Our favorite missionary

Spencer was set apart yesterday and flew out to Utah this morning to enter the MTC on Wednesday. He will be serving for the next two years in the Mexico City North mission (unless he gets put into the new mission, Mexico City Northwest, which is being formed in July). We took some pictures with him before we said goodbye last night. Charlie has a special bond with his uncles, especially since he and Spencer shared a bedroom for a year and Spencer has lulled Charlie to sleep many a night. I wanted to get lots of pictures of them together for Charlie to look at. Hard to believe Charlie will be four when Spencer comes back, and our new little girl will already be Charlie's age!
My mom was doing the funniest little dance to try and get Charlie to smile. He was pointing to show us all what she was doing.

Greg: You looked like this in every picture of the four of us. Spencer and I looked this squinty too. So I picked the one where Charlie was smiling. This is a bad picture of all four of us, so at least it is fair.
Proud father.
(Spencer also has a proud mother, but she doesn't do photos).

Elder L. is going to make an excellent missionary and we are so proud of him!


*HoLLy and AdAm TOwNeR* said...

I met your brother a couple weeks ago. My parents and I went to the temple with him and Brad. Spencer is very outgoing and nice. He will be a great missionary. I bet you guys are all so proud!! I can't believe my brother has been out a little bit longer than a year. Time flies! He is such a great example to me.

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