Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Party

Charlie's birthday party was this past weekend. The rain threatened to ruin things, but we moved it into the apartment, told everyone to hold very still (to prevent trampling each other) and we still managed to have a good time. Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us! And we missed those who couldn't come!
Because, upon receiving a potty seat, the natural thing is to don it as head wear.

These boots may have been his favorite present. They were definitely my favorite thing that we got him. He stomps around in them all day.

Blowing out the candle (with a little help from his cousin. He actually is very good at blowing out candles and does it to my candles around the house all the time, but she was at the ready to assist if he gave any indication that he wasn't going to be able to handle it.)

My sister and I. My hair was straight at the beginning of the party, but the rain messed it up, so I look all funky. Whatev.
We couldn't get the birthday boy to join us for a family photo, but here we are anyway.


Stacy said...

the BOOTS!!! have you EVER?!

Kim W said...

Sooo cute! He looks great in boots. I love seeing kids walking through stores in those things. And, seriously, that picture of you and Greg is the best.