Friday, March 19, 2010


A few things that need to be blogged:
1) A couple weeks back I won a giveaway on a blog I love, Seriously, So Blessed. (If you haven't read this blog before, it is a satire of the mormon-mommy blogs, and it is completely comical. Sometimes it hits close to home, but if you can't laugh at yourself... so I try and just laugh.) Anyway, I figure the reason these companies do giveaways is to get a little bit of noteriety, so I wanted to do my part. I won a "This is me Journal" which is a pre-started journal for your child to complete, with your help. It is a little old for Charlie, but I think that even a 2 1/2 year old or 3 year old who is pretty verbal could start on it with some help from mom. Anyway, it is a very cute idea, so HERE is where you can find one for yourself or a gift!
2) Law school: Greg sent in TONS of applications for law schools. He wanted to apply to a good mixture of schools he will probably not get into, schools he might get into, and schools he will probably be accepted to. Plus, he made himself "searchable" on the website where you do all the applications, so he was also contacted by several schools, asking him to apply and waiving their application fee. (We figured, if the application fee is free, we might as well apply, even if we probably won't end up going there.) We have just been waiting on the school's decisions. Wednesday, Greg got his first acceptance! Thomas Jefferson School of Law is here in downtown San Diego, and happens to be where both his mother and father attended law school. Yesterday, he got his second sort-of acceptance, Baylor (in Waco, Texas) accepted him for the spring 2011 quarter (and he is wait-listed for fall, so he may still be accepted for then as well). Baylor has a 27 month law program, so that one is attractive for that reason. We are still waiting on a lot more (I am serious about tons of applications. I think the final count was eighteen!) but it is exciting to know that Greg will definitely be in law school next year, no matter what happens with the rest of the schools.
3) Spencer made it safely to the MTC on Wednesday.

4) I am 32 weeks pregnant, which means there are 8 weeks left. And only 6 weeks until my maternity leave!
5) My job: As many of you know, I love my job, but it has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember to be a stay at home mom. After Charlie was born, it wasn't the right time, and I was given an opportunity to work part time from home and part time in the office for a quite a while. With the economic downturns, other positions in my department were eliminated, and I was then brought in to the office 4 days per week (with one day from home) which was still a great blessing. However, with this baby, we decided that the time was right and that I was going to quit and become a stay at home mom. I told my bosses in January, so they could prepare for me to leave. Two weeks ago, my boss informed me that they really want to keep me, and that they wanted to offer me a job that was 100% from home. I will still be able to go into the office every couple months or whatever to teach seminars and participate in various employee events, but on a very minimal basis. Other than that, I will continue to do administrative type things, such as employee discipline (I have a knack for writing reprimands, as it turns out), Leaves of Absence, putting together trainings, etc. I am VERY excited about the opportunity. It really depends on where law school is as to whether we will do it, but I am lucky just to have the option. So, at this point, it looks like I will be a stay at home working mom, at least for a while. If it becomes more in the office, or if it isn't going to work out for some other reason, I am planning on quitting and doing full time at home, but there is no good reason for me to not take the opportunity while I have it, so I am going to!

6) Love this kid:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Stacy and Tyler joined us at the zoo a few weeks ago.

It started pouring rain at the end, but we still enjoyed it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our favorite missionary

Spencer was set apart yesterday and flew out to Utah this morning to enter the MTC on Wednesday. He will be serving for the next two years in the Mexico City North mission (unless he gets put into the new mission, Mexico City Northwest, which is being formed in July). We took some pictures with him before we said goodbye last night. Charlie has a special bond with his uncles, especially since he and Spencer shared a bedroom for a year and Spencer has lulled Charlie to sleep many a night. I wanted to get lots of pictures of them together for Charlie to look at. Hard to believe Charlie will be four when Spencer comes back, and our new little girl will already be Charlie's age!
My mom was doing the funniest little dance to try and get Charlie to smile. He was pointing to show us all what she was doing.

Greg: You looked like this in every picture of the four of us. Spencer and I looked this squinty too. So I picked the one where Charlie was smiling. This is a bad picture of all four of us, so at least it is fair.
Proud father.
(Spencer also has a proud mother, but she doesn't do photos).

Elder L. is going to make an excellent missionary and we are so proud of him!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birthday Party

Charlie's birthday party was this past weekend. The rain threatened to ruin things, but we moved it into the apartment, told everyone to hold very still (to prevent trampling each other) and we still managed to have a good time. Thanks to everyone who came and partied with us! And we missed those who couldn't come!
Because, upon receiving a potty seat, the natural thing is to don it as head wear.

These boots may have been his favorite present. They were definitely my favorite thing that we got him. He stomps around in them all day.

Blowing out the candle (with a little help from his cousin. He actually is very good at blowing out candles and does it to my candles around the house all the time, but she was at the ready to assist if he gave any indication that he wasn't going to be able to handle it.)

My sister and I. My hair was straight at the beginning of the party, but the rain messed it up, so I look all funky. Whatev.
We couldn't get the birthday boy to join us for a family photo, but here we are anyway.