Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some new

I have been extremely remiss in taking pictures lately. I don't know what has been up. But a few nights ago I took a few shots, and then again tonight I took a few, so here is the little guy lately. He is getting so grown up!

He was watching Finding Nemo. This child would watch Finding Nemo on constant loop all day if he could. He loves the movie and I find it so funny how he reacts to different parts. He mimics different characters too. Especially the lovely seagulls and their "mine." Nemo ishas worked out to be a pretty good bribe every time we need him to eat his dinner, go to bed without whining, pick up his toys, or whatever. (Bribing might be a poor way to parent, but it is pretty effective, and while he is still so young, I don't really feel that badly.He fashioned himself a little coloring desk with his new chair. We got him this chair (ten bucks at Ikea!) a couple of days ago, but I guess maybe we will have to look at the matching table for his birthday, because he apparently needs a workspace.

Here he is relaxing in Mommy and Daddy's bed. Smiling but refusing to look at the camera. (At the risk of sounding completely horrible, I think he is watching Finding Nemo in these pictures too, and the open mouthed one is the part with the scary fish with the light connected to his head. I promise, he doesn't ACTUALLY watch Finding Nemo on constant loop. But I guess it is a good time for me to take pictures.)

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