Sunday, February 14, 2010

Six months

I have made it to the venerable six month mark in the pregnancy! I have had a pretty good pregnancy so far and am very blessed to have had generally good health and a family who is very sweet when my bedtime arrives before Charlie's does. Three months to go, and only two and a half before my maternity leave starts (seriously, I think I am at least equi-excited about both things, if not more excited about the maternity leave thing. Is that bad?!)

Here are a couple of the belly:And some with Charlie and his sister. I know he mostly doesn't understand about the baby, but we have told him that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and so if we ask where the baby is he will blow a raspberry on my stomach. (Admittedly, he did it to Greg the other day too, so, again, not sure exactly what his comprehension is, but it was pretty funny.)
Also, note our red shirts, festive for Valentine's Day. I have the two sweetest boys ever as my Valentines this year, so I am very lucky. Friday night we went to a church dance for the adults in my parent's stake, and we danced the night away (okay, I had to take breaks every few songs because the dancing was causing contractions, but still) which we loved. Then on Saturday we did dinner and a movie with some friends. And we have all been snacking on WAY too much candy and other sweets for the whole week. So it was a successful holiday for sure.


Amanda said...

Wow! You look great!

Kirsten said...

You're so cute.

Mady will be 6 months old this week, which means you have been pregnant for her entire life :)