Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My baby is 2!!!

I can't believe how quickly these last two years have flown by. I know that it is cliche to say that the years speed by, but there is literally no other way to put it. So, for my monkey's 2nd birthday, here are some fun facts about him and things he loves to do:

1) He loves to sing. His favorite songs include Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hey Ya (by Outkast), and anything by the band fun. I know, "Hey Ya" isn't exactly excellent toddler music, but he seriously loves it. He does all the words right on beat even. If a song he doesn't know is on, he will just sort of chant, Gregorian style, in the background. He loves to hold the hymn book at church and sing along. He does not cut off with the rest of the congregation though.

2) He also loves to dance! He frequently bobs his head along with whatever beat is playing, and sometimes will go into full scale dancing. Sometimes, when we are extra lucky, he busts out a break dancing move or two. This is something we assume he gets from his Uncle Clayton and it is completely comical.

3) Drawing and coloring are favorite pasttimes. He got an easel for his birthday and spends much of his time at it, either drawing himself, or pointing at it and demanding Mom or Dad to draw him infinite balls, babies, or Tobi, our cat. Balls, babies, and Tobi seem to be his favorite subjects. A few days ago he drew a big circle and said it was mama. Does he think I am getting great with child perhaps?

4) Pacifiers. He loves them. He calls them bobbies (I think I have explained before the strange way that he calls even just one pacifier bobbies, not bobby). Do I feel guilty when I think about how my two year old still uses a pacifier? Yes. Do I regret still giving it to him when he goes right to sleep and behaves during church because he has one? No. We will work on making it a bedtime only thing now that he is 2, but I guess I mostly worry about the pacifier because random strangers judge me for giving it to him, and the judgement of random strangers isn't enough for me to lose out on something that makes my life 10 million times easier.

5) He begs for baths all day. He takes us into the bathroom and points and says "bath." This may or may not be because of the bathtime crayons he got in his stocking so he can color the bathtub walls. Either way, he is usually pretty clean. (He completely hates having his hair washed and screams through that whole process. Our neighbors haven't called the police over his screams...yet. I am expecting a knock any day though.)

6) Church. Charlie is terribly fond of nursery (18 month through 3 year old's class at church). We spend most of sacrament meeting (the first hour of church) keeping him from running in there to start partying. He loves having his daddy as one of his teachers as well.

7) He does a lot of talking, but not too many sentences at this point. We have a lot of words or phrases that do wonders for the communication, but he is mostly still babbling and pointing to tell us what he wants. Can't believe that in just a short time he will be able to say whatever he wants! For now, he delights us with demands of "juice," "cheese," "berries," "oh-me" (oatmeal) or just points and says "that." He points to and says eyes, nose, ears, hair, feet, and mouth. He knows a couple other body parts but he doesn't say the name. If we say "where are your knees?" he will point but he doesn't say "knees" himself. He knows several animals and tons of animal noises. He of course is still saying Mama and Daddy, although sometimes he doesn't assign the title to the right person (by the way, I love how he says Daddy instead of Dada. It is so precious). He also says Tobi (our cat). He can say Yo Gabba Gabba and Wubbzy, which brings me to...

8) My kid loves television. I feel a little bit bad that he loves it so much, because clearly it is because I am lacking as a parent in giving him non-television activities, right? But, forget the guilt, he doesn't watch it THAT much, and it is a good activity for when I need to get something specific done or to help him wind down after a big day of playing. He sings the songs and does the dances. Noggin is the channel he watches at home, and Wow, Wow Wubbzy and Yo, Gabba Gabba are the shows he likes the best. We also still like Jack's Big Music Show, but it is on at 5am now, so we record it and watch it sometimes before bed.

9) He loves babies. I am glad that he seems to already have an affection for little babies because I hope this will help ease the transition to having another little baby at home. I am sure having a baby full time will be a little bit less thrilling to him than pointing out babies at the store or in pictures, but he has really enjoyed holding a couple of little babies in the last few months, so I am keeping the hope that things will be smooth.

10) Counting. He loves to count to five, and sometimes makes it to ten. He skips six and nine, but he has down six, eight, and ten.

11) "Charlie, how old are you?" "I'm two." It melts my little heart. He even holds up his fingers (although sometimes extra fingers pop up.)

12) A few weeks back we posted that Charlie was sleeping in his big boy bed. Right after I posted it, he had some regression (karma for posting?!) and was back in his crib for a few nights. Now, he basically chooses each night which one he wants to sleep in. Since we still have time before the crib is needed for baby girl, we don't mind this process. Charlie has never been a great sleeper (I am always jealous of the many blogs which describe infant children as sleeping like "champs." And isn't it funny how that is always the word used? Anyway, we definitely have never used that word in conjunction with Charlie's sleeping.) but for the very most part he does sleep, and sleeps well, and when he IS in the big boy bed, he is quite good about staying in there. Greg has the magic touch with putting him to bed though. If I put him down he cries and cries, but if Greg does, he mostly rolls right over and falls asleep. Must be some secret Daddy touch. I am glad I have a husband who is so willing to help out! Anyway, #12 is that Charlie is sleeping pretty well, and about 50-50 in the crib and the big boy bed.

13) We have said he loves to read before, and he still does. We would read for all his waking hours if he had it his way. We are loving that lately he has started to look at books himself and read them to himself some, because it takes us off the hook a little bit.


Kirsten said...

Reading this makes me excited for Mady to grow up!

Happy Birthday Charlie!

*HoLLy and AdAm TOwNeR* said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!! Time sure does fly by!

Coloring was my favorite activity when i was little. I drew on everything!! All my bouncy balls and dolls faces. My mom got mad once because she got me a brand new barbie and the first thing I did was take permanent marker to its face. lol. She still feels bad to this day for raising her voice at me when I was so young. lol. I am sure it was no big deal.

Amanda said...

Haha, great post. That's great that he loves Outkast. A friend of mine had a 2 year old when that Barenaked Ladies song was popular, whenever it came on Jacob would scream "Naked Ladies!!" with total and utter glee.

Tristen said...

We love Charlie!! Happy Birthday little guy!

Melanie said...

I loved reading about Charlie and his many talents. What a cute guy!

The Bradley's said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Maren said...

Happy birthday Charlie! I can't believe he is already 2, it did go by fast!