Friday, February 26, 2010

Life's Good

These were taken on Charlie's birthday. I think his favorite present would be Greg sitting and reading with him, which he does almost every night. He is so sweet to read the same dang books over and over again. I am always making Charlie read to me because I am tired of his books. But his number one man would never do that to him.

He looks older, don't you think? Wiser in the ways of the world. A big two-year-old. His life is good.

PS, My parents make fun of these pajamas and say he looks like an orphan, but I LIKE them, so I don't care. But feel free to mock if you are so inclined. They do have a hole in one armpit (they were on sale for only $3! What's an armpit hole among friends?), which only exacerbates the situation. But they are just so cute!


Kim W said...

I am often inclined to mock, and yet those jammies don't inspire me. :) He does look older. Wow!!! That's a little boy face. Too cute!

The Bradley's said...

I love the jammies! And who looks in an armpit anyway

Ashcraft Firm said...

a hole in the armpit?!?! that's some powerful B.O.!!!!