Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas (yes halfway through January)

I really didn't take any good pictures of Christmas this year. However, here are a couple of Charlie in his Christmas jammies at least, and playing with the pièce de résistance of his Christmas morning. Between Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Santa, he got a Thomas the Tank Engine set.

He played with it all morning and then has been playing with it every day since. First thing in the morning he says "I want choo choo" or "I want momas" (We are working on the T in Thomas).

After Christmas morning at home, we got to visit with tons of family, so it was a wonderful couple of days (between Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after Christmas we got to see everyone). We were all very spoiled by loving relatives - Thanks!!! Charlie loves everything he got for Christmas especially and we love all of our wonderful grandparents, cousins, aunts uncles, and friends.

Finally, I do have a little bit of proof we were around on Christmas morning:
No pictures of me because I am NOT a morning person (and because I take the pictures AND I do the blog, so I get to choose, so there!). Poor Greg is a morning person anyway and he loves Christmas morning (we did it late in my house growing up, so I have never really woken up at 5am to open presents.) so we had to negotiate. I said we could do Christmas morning whenever Charlie woke up, which is usually right around 8. Charlie did wake up in the middle of the night around 3am and Greg insisted that it was time for Christmas. Nice try! He went back to sleep (he was still having some leg/foot issues at the time, so we were still having to give him painkillers every few hours, so that is why he woke up in the middle of the night) and woke up at 7:30 (since I was asleep myself I cannot prove or disprove that Greg had anything to do with the hour at which Charlie rose).

Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that all of you did as well!


Kirsten said...

Fun! Sounds like Charlie got exactly what he wanted! I'm already looking forward to next Christmas when Mady will be understand a little better and enjoy it more.

Oh, and I'm with you on the "I blog it, so there" thing...I always carefully screen and proof any photos of myself before I post them. But other people, not so much :)

jessica said...

Every kid needs a good train table. It looks like Charlie is loving his:)

Stacy said...

those little JAMMIES!!! i love the picture where his foot is lifted up. DANG i have a cute nephew.