Sunday, January 3, 2010


Something exciting happened last week at church. Greg got released from the scout program (quick church background: all the various positions are filled by regular joes; there isn't a paid clergy in our church. Therefore, you just get asked to do various things, and it only lasts a temporary amount of time, depending on what you do.) He has been in the scout program in this ward pretty much since we moved to California, so it has been 2 and a half years. He has loved every part of it, especially the boys (12-13 year olds) who are good and (mostly) sweet young men. However, it was his time, and he has been called into the nursery. He has really felt a weight lifted from his shoulders with all the work that was required with the scouting program, and he is also thrilled that in the nursery (with the 18 month olds to 3 year olds) he will get to engage in snack time. Charlie is very happy to have daddy in his class, also. When I saw him after church he pointed at dada and told me all about how they played. (By the way, just an anecdote, Greg likes to say that he has actually been in the scout program the whole time he has been a member of the church. He joined the church when he was 13, so he was a scout at that time. After we got married, he was in with the scouts and young men in Provo for the time we lived there. Then, he got called into Scouts almost immediately upon our move here.)

Regarding the pregnancy: still going strong! I hit the halfway point on Christmas Day. My health has been generally good, although this week I have had various minor symptoms that have made me a little cranky. Poor Greg gets the brunt of that I think. I dreamed last week, for example, that I was being operated on by a mad scientist (I think they were torturing me for information actually, which I would have gladly given up but I didn't know what it was) and I woke up in some significant back pain, just where the scientist was poking me. She kicks all day long, which is a blessing to know she is doing healthy in there. Sometimes I just have to remind myself of that. =) We are still undecided about names, but have some front runners. I actually really liked the name Violet for a few days before someone pointed out that then both of my children would be characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and unless I was going to commit and have a Willy or Augustus, I better not do that one.

Charlie's foot is almost completely better. He isn't in as much pain (I think he is still a little stiff in the mornings, but doesn't complain) and we haven't had to use the Motrin too much since just after Christmas. I think the Motrin was partially responsible for his drastically decreased appetite over the last couple weeks, which also lead to him waking up in the middle of the night crying. So, the Motrin is gone and the eating is back, so he is sleeping again!! Hooray! (I might be in trouble when I don't sleep again for a year starting in May. I love to sleep. Although a friend with brand new baby #2 pointed out that there is just something that keeps you going when there is a little one around that you don't have sustaining you when you don't have a brand new baby.)

In other Charlie news, he is just having fun with all his new Christmas presents (he seriously has a lot of grandparents. Why did we even get him anything?) He wakes up every morning asking to "choo choo" and then runs to his train set. He has picked up new phrases such as "take it to the hole!" while playing with his little basketball hoop. Every morning he and I count down how much more time until Mommy gets to be home with him all the time! (I will take 2 weeks off before the baby is due, so I will be working until the end of April. Tomorrow I go in to tell my bosses that I am not coming back after this baby is born. I am sort of terrified. Cross your fingers for me.)

Anyway, Christmas pictures to follow at some point. Charlie and Greg got me a new computer for Christmas since mine broke back in October, so I am still figuring things out with it and it therefore doesn't have all the photos. I love it though. =)

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nursery workers: 12
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